CARICOM Concerned About “Unilateral” OAS Stance On Venezuela

GEORGETOWN,Guyana (CMC) — The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has chastised the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) Luis Almagro about his “unilateral” stance in accepting Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela.

In a letter to the Almagro, CARICOM Chairman, the Prime Minister of St Kitts Nevis, Dr Timothy Harris said the CARICOM Heads of Government mandated him to express the regional body’s “disapproval and grave concern with regard to the position that you, in your capacity as Secretary General, have adopted, by recognising the president of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido as interim president of (Venezuela). This action on your part, without the authority of the member states of the organisation, is considered inappropriate”.

The CARICOM chairman, in the letter dated January 31, said the decision to send the sternly-worded later was taken at an emergency Caricom Heads of Government held on January 24 that had been convened to discuss the unfolding political crisis in Venezuela.

“The Heads of Government consider it imperative that you publicly clarify that you did not speak on behalf of all member states. We are aware this is not the only occasion on which you have made public utterances in the name of the (OAS) without authority. This type of unilateral action by a head of an international organisation, whose membership comprises sovereign states, is a clear departure from normal practice and cause for great concern,” the CARICOM chairman said.

The stance taken by CARICOM, follows a statement made by Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, who last week, following a meeting with United Nation’s Secretary General Antonio Guterras,defended CARICOM’s decision not to seek the intervention of the OAS in the matter, blaming the OAS Secretary General Luis Leonardo Almagro of “taking on personally the presidency of Venezuela and had been advocating, virtually an overthrow of the Venezuelan government.

“Trinidad and Tobago as a country under the rule of law and a long standing member of the OAS and knowing the OAS Charter had objected to that because we always knew that if the situation worsened, or even before it worsened that the OAS was our first port of call to have this matter dealt with through dialogue and negotiations.

“By the Secretary General without reference to us in the CARICOM, we don’t know who else he had referred to, but without reference to us here in the CARICOM, taking on from his office an attack on a member government that created a problem for the OAS,” Rowley then said.

“Now that this new parallel government was declared in Venezuela, once again without reference to us here as members of the OAS, the Secretary General went ahead and recognised the new interim president.

“Those development had the effect of deeming the OAS unsuitable to be an honest broker in a situation where we believe dialogue and negotiation is what is required to bring stability to the Venezuelan situation,” Rowley told reporters.

Guaido has challenged incumbent President Nicolas Maduro’s power, declaring himself interim president of Venezuela, according to the constitution. Maduro’s presidency was illegitimate, he said, because the elections were not legal and fraudulent.


  1. Good my people we are getting it. Our ancestors fought them on the slave ships, we fought them on the slave plantations, we fought them in the courts, we fought them out of South Africa during aparthied, we can’t give up now on our black spirit. The fight goes on, always in different forms because these pale faces will never give up and neither shall we. ever. The EU needs to be taken to task too. So CARICOM Heads should send them a similar letter.

  2. For the entire 243-year history of the US, there are only 17 years that it has not been prosecuting wars; throughout that entire history has seen it disseminate cowardly lies as cover for its belligerent and imperialistic actions against confirmed militarily weaker countries at the behest of the oligarchs which control its government from the shadows. In this attempted coup to usurp the wealth of the people of Venezuela (largest confirmed remaining untapped reserves of oil and gold), one of its propaganda outlets has been emboldened to speak the truth:

    “The Rothschild family’s house organ, the Economist, changed the background of its Twitter account to a picture of the Random Dude™, Juan Guaidó, who the U.S. regime changers created to run the country.

    The tweet is quite revealing:

    The Economist @TheEconomist – 23:59 utc- 31 Jan 2019
    Juan Guaidó and Donald Trump are betting that sanctions will topple the regime before they starve the Venezuelan people

    It is quite obvious that Trump’s Illegal Regime Change Operation Will Kill More Venezuelans. The Economist supports that starvation strategy.”

  3. CARICOM, OAS and other organizations have it all wrong, because they are under pressure by the USA. How can one proclaim himself interim or president of a nation? Isn’t that an over throw? So why accept such a move? Mr. Guaido is yet another US token, and that is dictatorship. One must be careful of how he handles this situation. Because, most of these organizations know who is behind this so call interim president. Let’s not forget Haiti’s situation where the US and France over throw Aristide and that did not last. Mathely was another US instrument, watch what happened! Don’t be fool by the US; because they created this situation in Venezuela. There are other ways and means to settle that matter. Show the US that they cannot govern the world!

    • In the minds of the white masters, that is how democracy works. Our way or no way. I truly hope the entire Caribbean stands with Maduro because those morons should realise it could be them at any point.

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