Thursday, September 29, 2022

CARICOM Issues Statement On Release Of BVI Commission Of Inquiry Report

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The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) takes note of the release on April 29, 2022, of the Report of the British Virgin Islands Commission of Inquiry (COI) with its far-reaching recommendations.

 The British Virgin Islands (BVI), a British Overseas Territory, has been an Associate Member of the Community since July 1991.

CARICOM supports the decision of the duly elected Government of the BVI to welcome the recommendations for improving governance and their commitment to work with the United Kingdom to address the weaknesses identified in the COI report.

  CARICOM agrees that the people of BVI and their duly elected representatives have the responsibility to ensure good governance with full transparency and accountability and should work together to achieve mutually acceptable solutions to address the concerns highlighted in the COI report.

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CARICOM is however deeply concerned by the Report’s recommendation to suspend “those parts of the Constitution by which areas of government are assigned to elected representatives” and taking the retrograde step of restoring direct rule by the Governor in Council as existed in Her Majesty’s colonies during the colonial period.

CARICOM supports the BVI government and people in their objection to this recommendation.

The imposition of direct rule, and the history of such imposition in the Caribbean, was never intended to deliver democratic governance or to be an instrument of economic and social development of our countries and peoples.

CARICOM believes that any action to suspend the House of Assembly  in the BVI and impose direct rule from London would be inconsistent with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Accordingly, CARICOM reminds the United Kingdom of its international obligations in respect of United Nations Resolution 1514 of 1960 – the United Nations Declaration on The Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples.

Source: Caribbean Community Secretariat

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  1. It seems they are all on some kind of drug at CARICOM and OECS… or is that in???? The man did his crime. Let him do his time. You talking about direct rule?? who cares? if BVI wanted direct rule they would have fought for it like the other islands with blood, sweat and tears. Now how many people living there? maybe 20,000? So what direct rule they want? our population here in st lucia is a massive under-count because I have never seen so many foreigners in the country before especially when u go up north and they aint tourists. so tell me what sense it making for BVI to want to rule? i think with all the outcry coming from these quarters, please investigate those people very closely. cause something stink rotten in the state of Denmark.

  2. If and when a citizen, an Elected member or not, involves in criminal activity, don’t look to the United Kingdom to ever go against the F.B.I. in the United States. Criminality is criminality and when you are caught, there is a place for you, alongside the others, Latino Escoba, comprande, si no habla, dont drop the soap.

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