CARICOM Reiterates Condemnation Of Invasion Of Ukraine

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The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has restated its condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the military attacks which has caused more than 1.7 million people to flee the country since 24 February, according data from the UN Refugee Agency.

A statement issued following the conclusion of the Thirty-third Inter-Sessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government, called for an immediate ceasefire, an end to all acts of aggression, and the urgent withdrawal of Russian military forces from Ukraine.

It urged all parties involved to “urgently intensify diplomatic dialogue and to immediately de-escalate hostilities and work towards sustainable peace.” CARICOM said any concerns the Russian Federation may have, must be resolved diplomatically and not through warfare.

The Region lauded the governments and people of neighbouring countries who are extending humanitarian services to refugees fleeing Ukraine, but bemoaned the plight of and discrimination against non-European nationals.

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In keeping with international commitments concerning respect for human rights and dignity, CARICOM called for “guaranteed safety and security of nationals of the Caribbean, Latin American and Africa and from those countries who are seeking to leave Ukraine.”

In reaffirming the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, CARICOM reissued the call for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty to be respected.

“The invasion of Ukraine is causing untold loss and destruction of life and property for the civilian population of Ukraine, including women and children, in violation of international humanitarian law, and has caused a growing humanitarian crisis,” CARICOM said in the Statement.

In keeping the CARICOM position on the resolution of conflicts between states, CARICOM restated its principles on non-interference in the internal affairs of another sovereign state, the prohibition on the threat or use of force, and the peaceful resolution of all disputes, which it said, must be adhered to by all nations.

The Statement also recorded the Community’s affirmation of the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, and noted its concern that the military confrontation taking place in Europe could have repercussions in the Region.

“The Community strongly rejects any attempt to deploy military assets that can elevate tension and threaten the peace, territorial integrity, and sovereignty of this Region,” the Statement noted.

Source: CARICOM Today

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  1. Now that the Russians have discovered the 35+ bio-weapons labs on the Ukrainian border with Russia, the US is pedaling fast to out-pace the story being unfolded to the world, after it was revealed that the labs were all financed & supervised by the US:

    Nuland-Rubio scripted exchange. Russia conscripts mess up. Ukraine Update

    The threat of false flags in Ukraine by the neo-Nazis and the US/NATO mercenaries/head-choppers, that will be blamed on the Russians, remains high. Something will have to be done to deflect attention from the damning discovery of the illegal US bio-weapons programs.

    Critical thinkers will understand that with the Russians having complete domination in the battle-field already, and are still tip-toeing their campaign to avoid civilian causalities. They have no logical reason to help western propaganda by implementing a false flag, which will be of no military value, whatsoever.

    Then, there’s the old joke of two Soviet soldiers sitting in their tanks in the middle of bombed-out Berlin in 1945, commiserating over the fact that the Soviet Union had lost the information war to Goebbels’ Ministry of Propaganda.

  2. And in wartime comedy headlines…

    “McDonald’s introduces no fry zone”.

    “US Fast-food giant to temporarily close all of its outlets in Russia in response to Ukrainian conflict”.

  3. Was Caricom unable to locate its voice when NATO forces attacked and destroyed Libya? Did Caricom lose its voice when NATO forces destroyed the nation of Iraq? Caricom should maintain a strict silence while its understanding of geopolitics remains severely underdeveloped.

  4. Was Caricom unable to locate its voice when NATO forces attacked and destroyed Libya? Did Caricom lose its voice when NATO forces attacked and destroyed Libya? Caricom should be quiet while its understanding of geopolitics remains severely underdeveloped.

  5. *Breaking News* Russia just found US funded Biological weapons labs in Ukraine. Funded by EcoHealth alliance. Same company that Fauci oversees that brought us Covid 19. Putin is starting to look like the good guy in this. He just might be trying to save the world from more tyranny.

  6. What else could anyone expect from the impotent bureaucrats of CARICOM than the naked virtue signaling in condemning the invasion of Ukraine by Russia? What else could anyone expect from these perennial mendicants?

    The US & EU have ceded any of their remaining sovereignty to Charles Schwab’s Davos mob, and are too busy shooting themselves in their feet to notice CARICOM standing in the dark corner, hand outstretched, with its tin cup being waved frantically. They are too busy learning how to walk on crutches so they can position themselves in the path of Venezuela & Iran, to beg them for oil they will not now be getting from Russia.

    Clearly, CARICOM has been so completely taken in by the CIA’s disinformation campaign to effect mass psychosis upon western populaces, that they do not even realize that they are effectively supporting the neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine, which was emplaced (via the 2014 coup d’état) to spear-head the US/EU aggression in Eastern Europe, against Russia (for regime-change purposes, leading to control of its vast natural resources).

    The Duran team & Tom Luongo present a discussion of the current world situation in a video linked below:

    Biden & EU dig a deeper hole as world watches in disbelief

  7. 2004: Orange revolution
    2014: Maidan Coup. Orchestrated by US/Nato. Neo Nazi openly fire upon civilians blaming the police. Government of Ukraine is overthrown in favour of a US person. The Donbass region protests the coup and separates from the rest of Ukraine. Neo Nazis execute dozens of Ukrainians supporting Russia. 50 people burnt alive in Odessa by Neo Nazis that overthrew the government.
    2014: Russia annexes Crimea. Claim a referendum was held to “reunify” ethnic Russians with the mainland.
    2014- 2022: Ukraine government dams up river supplying water to Crimea triggering a drought. Daily bombing of Ukrainian citizens the Donbass region by government forces. By UN estimates 14,00 civilians killed by government. Minsk accords agreed upon to end hostilities. Government refuses to implement. Ethnic Russians continue to be killed by Nazis. Government arrests opposition leader. Silences all opposing news channels. NATO floods weapons into Ukraine. Putin keeps warning NATO about the genocide in Donbass and further expansion toward Russia. Russia invaded multiple times by European countries (Napoleon/Hitler/et al).

  8. Caricom you are just falling in line with the rest of the West we are black and powerless. Everyone is crying a river over Ukraine that was a part of Russia, a people that speaks Russiaian. Nobody takes the time to read research and understand what’s happening. I support Putin to an extent the man does not want NATO in his backyard the same way the US oppose Russians missiles in Cuba 90 Miles from Miami. Everyone who oppose the US foreign doctrine is bad it’s either their way or the highway. Everybody bitch about China’s advancement in the Caribbean, but those same people never ask themselves what advance or investments is the US making in their country. This is a war that will be won by Russia. Funny enough I saw an IG page of Bob Marley speaking about this very same war absolutely amazing this man was to have the foresight about this war more than 40yrs ago and he is right Russia will win.

  9. Speak for yourselves and Mind your business… Worry about how this may or may not affect you in this given year CARICOM.

  10. Y’all never condemned the US for invading all their countries they have. Y’all never condemned them for invading Haiti and Grenada.

  11. So Caricom openly supporting nazis? hope those stupid regional politicians know their citizens are not idiots anymore.

  12. Caricom didn’t condemn the bombing of Syria on Feb 24. Nor that of Yemen yesterday. Then Somalia a few days ago. Is it because they have blonde hair and blue eyes?

  13. Are we stopping the yachts and the Russians coming here, only yesterday Cuthbert Didier seemed to be saying it was a good thing for the yachts to come here, I beg to differ, we should support Ukraine and turn these people away.

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