CARICOM ‘Saddened’ Over Deaths Of Haitians At Sea

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The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) says it is ‘extremely saddened by the tragic loss at sea of several Haitians off the Bahamas coast on Sunday.

A boat carrying them capsized.

“This latest disaster brings to the fore once again the desperate situation in Haiti and the reprehensible nature of the actions of those who are taking advantage of people trying to escape,” a CARICOM statement on Monday said.

According to the statement, CARICOM will continue to work with Haiti and the international community to bring peace, security, and development to ‘our sister nation.

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The statement said CARICOM looks forward to the apprehension and bringing to justice of those who prey on the hopes and aspirations of vulnerable persons.

CARICOM extended condolences to the relatives of those who died and the Government and People of Haiti.

Bahamas Prime Minister Philip Davis told a news conference that a multi-agency investigation was underway to determine the circumstances surrounding the suspected human smuggling operation that left seventeen Haitians dead.

And local media reports said two Bahamian men ‘known to police’ are in custody, assisting with investigations.

The men were aboard the vessel that capsized.

Headline photo: Survivors from the capsized boat off the Bahamas island of New Providence

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  1. I would like to pray that the ‘Lord God Above’ put an end to the sufferings of these people, but they are a people who are suffering from a generational curse, which needs special deliverance prayer the detach and extract the demons from each and everyone; Demonology is not something to mess with; the manytimes I’ve witnessed the violent resistance of demons to leave a body, just one, how about a whole nation. Haiti from way back was sold to the devil, in their voodoo practices and is still something they don’t seem to want to get rid of, as evil as it is. It dosn’t seem to matter how much help the receive from world Organizations, the Red Cross, WHO etc the deep seated acts of violence, a buildup of years generationally, is very hard to brake; so time after time they take to the waters in search for a haven. We have witnessed how mother nature have been unkind; but what about us humans, the more fortunate who have turned them away: Hear us Lord, bring forth help.


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