Carnival Nudity ‘Unacceptable’ Organisers Say

Saint Lucia carnival was a resounding success, but nudity during the event and the debauchery of revellers are matters forconcern, organisers say.

“I saw about two or three kids watching when a guy’s face was in a lady’s bum – sorry but that’s what I saw and I had to turn them away,” Events Company of St. Lucia  Inc (ECSL) Chairperson, Agnes Francis told reporters this week at a news conference.

“This is not what our carnival is about,” Francis lamented.

“I don’t mind the merriment; I don’t mind adult behavior; but when you have spectators who are not able to take their children to view the event, there is something that we have to do,” she explained.

“We can’t just put our hands up and say ‘This is the way of the world – this is the way it is going,'” the ECSL Chairperson observed.

Asserting that she is not a prude, Francis declared  that adults have a responsibility to ensure that the carnival product is at a palatable level for children to at least spectate and view.

She made it clear that she has no moral authority to make decisions on how people dress and behave.

However Francis told reporters that she is concerned about the breaking of the indecency laws of Saint Lucia.

“The police having a responsibility to do their duty,” she noted.

At the same time Francis expressed the view that the law enforcement officers are doing their best, given the circumstances.

“Carnival this year was just so big it took a lot of people by surprise,” she explained.

According to the ECSL official, there were lots of lessons to be learned from this year’s Saint Lucia carnival.

She disclosed that the ECSL hopes to address them in the future.



  1. The nastiest carnival that I have been to. At 9:08p on Monday there was a young man and woman having intercourse in full view of onlookers behind the CDC. Sick

    • That has nothing to do with carnival. soon u will see people having sex in the balcony during the carnival season and say that’s because of carnival. dude get the hell outta here with your s***.

  2. Guy joseph u didnt record it dats thenew norm in lucia everything is record where r recording guy

  3. At least I am hearing a mature adult talking…Silly was just being herself yesterday..Sealy!

  4. So help me understand this you are worried about kids when carnival was never for kids hence the making of kiddies carnival. The spectators are not the ones making carnival successful but the people jumping who pay their hard earned money. If you have those kind of morals then you should look up the meaning of carnival and know it’s not for you.

    • The costumes kept getting smaller year by year. You didn’t expect them to disappear altogether at some point. And where was the See pee police to charge those people for public nudity.

  5. Stfu…you accept “half nakedness but not nakednes”…its carnival anything can happen…its not a parade for kids…its “adult” carnival

    The kids shouldnt be there in the first place..theres kiddies carnival for a reason.

  6. We need to respect our self there was so many foreigners in st.Lucia what are they going to say about us when they return home.we must respect our kids if we are going to get respect from them,I am sorry yes it was canival but some of what I saw was very dirty that’s the only way to discribe it.Hopefully next year we can clean up.

  7. Did anyone notice this comment. lol ( “Carnival this year was just so big it took a lot of people by surprise,” she explained.)This lady have been hiding under a rock. lol

    • Was thinking the same. Cambridge Analytica hard at work. Rate the show R so pare know there is nudity.

      Strange your favour actors and actresses bare it all and you will no problems being all over them like syrup. More so your favour minister bared it all and you had no issues.

      Stop the dam hypocrisy.

  8. I love coming to carnival, best “bang for my buck.” First I watch / window shop all the Tits & A$$, then pick and pay for the pig I want for the night. You guy’s got a good thing going. See ya next year ladies!

  9. The women with the ‘C’ Strings and the one who’s butthole was being licked are not St Lucian’s…these were all foreigners visiting for carnival!

  10. Year after year after year as soon as carnival is over all the anit-carnival waggonist rear their ugly heads with their upper lips stiffer than an ironing board with a whole bunch of crap to say. IF YOU DON”T LIKE CARNIVAL STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM CARNIVAL. THE CARNIVAL IS BACHANNAL AND BACHANNAL IS CARNIVAL END OF STORY.

  11. St. Lucia had laws about nudity. Some of these were really extreme for this year’s carnival.
    If you’re enforcing the laws for ordering in public you should do the same for all the other laws.
    Btw carnival is for everyone to enjoy.

  12. Yesteryear, it was about colour, pageantry and splendour. These days the pageantry have become less clothing and downright slackness. I am of the firm view that we are setting awful example for the next generation and someone must speak out and draw the line. .. Sadly, some good decent women would not normally walk the streets in panty and bra alone, yet the same ones does it at Carnival. Call it by name…pure slackness and downright nastiness. Sadly, many churches are afraid of offending its members, and so even Pastors turn a blind eye to these issues. We must restore out Carnival to one where it is safe to take children. The authorities must step in immediately to correct the foolishness and nakedness that I saw on display.

  13. I say ban all of the big panty ladies, all that surplus flesh bouncing up and down, not nice.

  14. First line reads : “Saint Lucia carnival was a resounding success….”yet the main organizer or a rep of them is lambasting the event! Make up your minds! In fact, I have never heard any event in Saint Lucia being a failure- not event Soleil! Let the vaval be! Sa Wed ee!

  15. St Lucia’s carnival looks very very tame compared to Dominica and other countries. I kept asking myself where are all the people? why the carnival looking so dread? and are they really having fun or is rum needed to induce a smile. Non the lesss the costumes looked good, the ladies looked fine in my opinion. Yes some wore less than other at times but it carnival, you expect that some will dawn daring costumes. Also, when you assert that you arent something, most times, you are. I think carnival is for society. the generations will do things differently. I revel different from how my granny did. This lady looking like she pushing 60 so obviously what she would like to see is not what the youngings want to do. At the end of the day, to each his own, and yes there are foreigners who want to “express” in that manner as well as locals. Thats what has made carnival a tourism product.

  16. I hope they do realize that all the explicit behavior came from mainly foreigners and not the locals.
    Secondly, kiddies carnival is organized for kids why bring your children to watch grown up carnival. Y’all saying y’all want the grown ppl to get on like kids because kids are watching.
    Well if that’s the case adults should start jumping kiddies carnival.
    Carnival is there like a club but in the open. Do y’all bring y’all children to clubs????
    I’m not saying I give them right to get on the way they did but at the same time, they paid their money and they’re in charge of their body we can not tell them what not to do or do
    Let kids be kids
    Kiddie’s carnival is there for a reason
    I thank you!

  17. Calling me a nobody doesn’t hurt me but it makes you stupid for talking nobody. You must be crazy or sum. Anyway my friend, Jesus loves you and I do hope you have a blessed day.

  18. St. Lucia carnival is a disgrace …someone sent me a video of oral sex in a band. I am sorry that’s not carnival …you guys should change the name to pornival…that’s exactly what it was.
    A person can have fun without taking it to such a disgraceful level.
    In addition …school will begin soon where are the priorities…did you purchase uniforms, books, etc.

  19. bacchanal
    A bacchanal is a crazed party with drunken revelry, ecstatic sexual experimentation, and wild music. In a nutshell, it is “sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll.”

  20. Ivan not into carnival, I don’t even think government should give any money towards carnival. However when people pay their thousand plus dollars for their costume then let them party how they best see fit. That thing about children watching or cannot go and watch is ridiculous. Leave them home. It’s not like you bringing them to school or to visit the doctor. It’s none essential. Plus there is kiddies carnival. Bright them to watch that instead. Too many of us want and expect people to set the right example for our children when we don’t even do it ourselves. You know what it is about so stay away from it. You not spending any money to watch people and yet you want to tell people who spent their money how to enjoy it. It’s a holiday, you don’t have to even be in town. No school. Sent the children to vacation Bible school. Take that time and go to church if you want to see people covered and you want morality.

  21. lucia carnival is pure comess PERIOD!!! visit Dominica carnival guys that where you will enjoy real carnival

  22. It’s rather ashamed these people can find so much money to pay for skimpy costumes just to go and jump up for a couple of hours or showcase their baggage yet they crying they don’t have money to buy school supplies for their kids, You see them half naked on the streets dancing with ppl man or woman and following day they are all covered up like they it was never them doing shit with themselves, this generation has nothing good to offer, it’s a corrupts society no class whatsoever.

  23. Carnival has lost everything, it’s color, fashion, essence, tastes all I see is a bunch of drank ppl on the streets, and even if they don’t drink they still look drank, engaging themselves with strangers, no respect whatever, this generation is bringing the society down to a low class level. Where is the decency in this????

  24. The coming of the Lord is drawing closer and the devil is roaring to take people with him
    . repent of your sins. Serve God. Canival is of the devil and he will try his best to put it at the worst level. I personally look at these ladies as low integrity,no self respect,no decency. I asked why a decent man can ever have his wife on the streets like that. That tell me they both need Christ. there they will understand moral

  25. the grammar on these posts are extremely terrible, some of you really need to consider going back to school,…. Good Lord!!

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