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Casimir Promotes ‘Four-Day Work Week’ In Address To Commonwealth Forum

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Saint Lucia’s Youth Development and Sports Minister has highlighted the benefits of a ‘four-day work week’ with  people working from home on Fridays in an address recently to the Commonwealth Youth Forum in Kigali, Rwanda.

Casimir, who spoke on the topic: The Economic Imperative: Skills Development for 21st Century Jobs, prefaced his remarks by asserting that he might be ‘a little bit controversial’, 

He encouraged employers and Commonwealth governments to consider the mixed-model of  employment embraced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this regard, the Gros Islet MP observed that one suggestion is a four-day work week with Fridays reserved for working from home.

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 “I want to say that most of what I say today will be implemented in the near future whether we like it or not,” he declared.

According to the Minister, the benefits of a four-day work week include increased employee satisfaction, company commitment, and teamwork.

He told the forum that a four-day work week also decreases stress levels and contributes to mental health.

And he cited a study by Career and Life Coach Caroline Castrillon in Forbes Magazine, indicating that 21st-century jobs have moved away from five-day work weeks.

“In that survey of over one thousand Americans nine out of ten people believe the five-day work week is outdated. Not only that, but about 80 percent of respondents say the pandemic has increased their desire for a four-day work week. An overwhelming 98 percent believe it would improve their mental health,” Casimir told the Commonwealth Youth Forum.

“In this study the author suggests that during a four-day work week the focus should be working in teams while a day’s work from home brings the opportunity for individuals to tap into their own talents and skills in the interest of company goals,” he noted.

As a result, Casimir stated that the education system among Commonwealth nations must develop a deeper symbiotic relationship with the modern suggestion.

“Schools should focus time spent by the nation’s youth in the classrooms as time to teach more social skills, etiquette, basic finance management, tolerance of differences, teach focus, teach cross-cultural communications, teach curiousity, problem solving or conflict resolution,” he advised.

Casimir said such skills are highly required in the modern global work environment.

The complete address appears below:

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  1. For a four-day work week to be effective our people need to be hard/smart workers to begin with. Almost everywhere you go employees do the bare minimum just enough to get through the day and then “clockout” to go home. do I blame them? not entirely. Most people are working jobs they strongly dislike and others are getting underpaid or feel undervalued which results in a lackadaisical attitude towards their job. a day to work at home might relieve stress on the employees, but my concern lies with the benefits the employers are going to reap from poorly selected staff who get to work from home. Maybe addressing employee dissatisfaction should be the aim… With whatever direction we decide to head in I only ask that we choose wisely.

  2. People stop fusing about the Minister’s point. That is something that have been touted before and the Minister copied it to suggest that he can make a big point. That came directly from the internet and not from the head of the Minister. What the Minister did not recognize is that idea was suggested for countries with completely different cultures from ours. Does the Minister even have the brains to realize that even with a five and six day working week and with full time supervision, productivity is low and the work ethic is poor in St. Lucia. Well imaginme what it would be with a four day work week.

  3. I have read through the comments and as usual the politicians are always vauge in getting their point across. They always seem to remove all clarity from the statements and hence the reason some people are refusing to accept such idea. A four day work week does not mean you will make less money or you will be at the loosing end of the bargain. It simply means in four days you will continue to work either your 37.5 hours or your 40 hours a week. This means instead of working 8 hours a day, you will now work 10 hours a day. Personally, it makes economical sense to some while others might have valid reasons to reject it. Those parents who have to pick up their kids after school might have some valid reasons to reject such an office. I have worked such hours and the good part of it all is to enjoy three days off. There are so many things which can be done during the three days. Getting away with my family was one of the fun things to do all the time .

  4. First locate the labour department bc honestly these ppl have been MIA for too long.
    Secondly make the lunch hour part of the work hours. After all the hard work we employees put in for these companies the least they owe us is a free lunch hour…it should not be deducted from the 40hr work week

  5. While he is promoting less days to work he should also be promoting more time for parents to take care of their children.
    We work more than we raise and spend time with our children properly at home so no wonder our society is plagued with so much evil influences.

    • As a former teacher it hurts my heart to see how children are not cared for by their parents and teachers neglect them even more. I see teachers strolling to school half an hour to an hour after the commencement of the school day. I leave in an area with 3 secondary schools and I’m appalled by the don’t carish attitude displayed by these teachers towards the students. A 4 day week will be the nail in the coffin of our education system.

      • @Marcella, mama vissears, which area that you leave that have three secondary schools that you can so much observe teachers? You were never a teacher and will never be. So come to grips with that.

    • Exactly…Why a business must open till 10pm on a night of an impending storm/cyclone choops. Staff dont have families? Stop taking advantage of ppl just bc they need u for a bread

  6. The only way I would support this crap is if the intended purpose is to create employment for the unemployed. Split the time and salaries in half, and hire the unemployed to fill the gap. I would also support a cut in pay for all politicians. Everyone needs a bread.

    • Maybe you didn’t understand what he said. We work 4 days in the office and one day from home. How would police officer and firemen work from home? How productive would it be for immigration officers to work from home? Reckless politicians like this just make statements without thinking of the ramifications. Currently in St Lucia in the private sector most people work their 5 days but not in the public service. Public offices open at 8:00am but the security or janitor answers the phone up till about 9:00. When the officers come in at 9:00, they take a break at 9:30 until about 10:30, then work till 11:30 when they go on a 2 hour lunch and return at 1:30, just to leave at 2:00 to attend a funeral. That’s a typical Monday to Thursday work week, then Friday lunch is the end of the working day. Let’s see how that system will help us with becoming even more unproductive.

  7. St.lucians are working only 3 days a week hence the reason why the Minister is advocating for 4 day work weekly. I support the Minister.

    • What a piece of crap comparison! Do you think we are ready for this? 90% of us can’t wait at a traffic light for it to turn green, when the road is empty, and you think we can do like these law abiding country. Imaging 3 days of partying in St Lucia, every weekend. What a joke. Them guys go online and read things and believe it can be applied in St Lucia. What about, long weekend more crime? We have a very under producing public service. The reason giving for the 4 work day will eventually turn out to be like the 5 work day. Then they will reduce it to 3. Who will make a case for those working 6 days?
      I am sure thats where the Minister got that crap and never put it to perspective.

  8. Civil Servants watch your bread. Salaries will be cut by 4 days. They cannot deduct on your salary so they are reducing the days. The bank eh hearing nothing.

  9. Do these politicians really want to bring this country forward?. St Lucia has one of the largest and unproductive public sector work force and the minister is talking about a four day work week. Why to make him look intelligent, because the developed world wants to go that way, should we follow them. Our public sector workers come to work late leave early, imagine you go to clear your good at custom on a Thursday, after waiting for how long, you’re finally asked to go pay at the treasury but by the time you get there it’s alright 2:30 so the cashier is closed, this means that you will not be able to get your good until Monday for the earliest, that is if the minister plan is adopted. smh

    • yes uh these government workers more concerned about the closing time than serving the public with haste. When you come in how long for you to get service but when is closing time and if the security let someone in a minute after the time if you hear how they getting on with security oh secure we close already you still letting people in after the time. That same work ethic they have for closing time i dont know why they dont have it for opening time as well

    • Great realistic point. To me mate took that plane ride to go out there and perform in theatre andni must admit he done a great job. But a closer look at the content and its crap i agree. On the other hand i think an issue that needs to be discused is the poor and unforgiving payment in say the security sector….the hotel pays peanuts …4 days a week and you wont even be able to afford bread. Some will be caught in a loop. The governmemt needs to address that shit like the queen qovernment of barbados did. Get to bloody work imbissles and stop wasting my bloody tax paying dollar you idiots

  10. lol lol weh mate get that idea from??? after we have a lazy techno generation u wana make it work by considering a 4 day work week??? are these the ideas the people voted for?? smh….i saving for my pension instead boss….

  11. As a very good friend and a man I supported and voted for, I have to say that is a damn idea a no brainer plan. This will be the youthful mistake so forget that.

  12. I agree with Casimir cause think about it, when you work from home you don’t have to spend money on bus or buying food or driving your vehicle to work wasting gas. Its true it depends on the work you do but in these hard times I see it beneficial cause the more you have people working from home you can also have an increased numbers in the workforce depending on the job you do. Just that some idiots mess it up for people and doing shate and then they calling everyone back in the office because of a few delinquent fools

  13. Yes lazy brain. Three days are even better. Then we will have Gros Islet street party for the next three days. Good for you you a little wiser than God.


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