Castries Boulevard To Get Makeover

Press Release:-  Saint Lucians could expect noticeable improvements and a possible re-purposing of the popular William Peter Boulevard in the coming years, as plans are moving afoot for a potential enhanced appearance of the area.

This initiative is being spearheaded by the Ministry of Tourism, through the OECS Regional Tourism Competitiveness Project (ORTCP).

During the last week of March, a consulting team was on site at the Boulevard where they were joined by Mayor of Castries, Mr Peterson Francis. Mayor Francis expressed his expectations for the Boulevard as a unique space that is free-flowing, pedestrian-friendly and encompasses a pavilion for hosting local talent and entertainment.

He also confirmed that the physical and functional transformation are part of plans by the Government, to revitalize Castries.

Under this initiative, the Boulevard is not only expected to get a face lift, but also a fresh look that will include pedestrianization, storefront enhancements, beautification, and deliberate interventions to increase economic activity.

These improvements are meant to fall into a seamless alignment that is modern, yet convenient for both locals and visitors.

The consulting team, which includes a number of experts, is currently gathering data as part of the first stages of a diagnostic assessment that will inform a coordinated and harmonious approach to the formulation of design options for the new William Peter Boulevard.

As part of the process, the Consultants met with representatives of relevant public and private sector organisations, business operators/owners in the Boulevard including vendors, the Boulevard Taxi Association, and other interest groups.

During the brainstorming session, participants provided their broad views of the ambience of the Boulevard; current challenges and the desired changes and expectations.

The William Peter Boulevard makeover is expected to stimulate revenue growth for local businesses in the area.


    • Yes another opportunity to get a party hack a contract to make some money on the taxpayers account

    • Good move, the improvements are for us all.
      Unfortunately negativity has clouded the minds of so many people for so long, that t goodhey don’t even know how or when to write a positive comment on any topic. Sad, sad, sad for them.

      • It’s not negativity which is clouding people’s minds. It’s the lack of transparency, the blatant disregard to laws which should be upheld by the elected by this Mickey Mouse government.

        Transparency will eliminate leaks, if the government is fully transparent which it should be the populus would have more confidence in what is being and or proposed.

    • We’ve been looking for her for years. I can’t wait for her to show up by my doorstep next election.

  1. Don’t forget, if the contract is over a million dollars it has to be given to someone from Forestierre.

  2. @ Constrictor

    Compatriot, we have a saying in Saint Lucia which I am sure you are familiar with…’Let your eyes cook your peas’

  3. Were will the productivity come from? the boulevar hardly has any shops its not a shopping area.Yes eliminate all the cars and turn it into a pedestrian walk.

    • I think we should transform the boulevard into a sitting are for visitors and locals alike who just want to sit, use the wi-fi, make a phone call, have a cup of joe, a roti, a beer, engage in some meaningful conversation, even a stage for concerts and a widescreen television for major sporting events, (like cricket world cup coming up). In fact an open air area with chairs and tables, which is what I have been preaching for a while now, let us make it something to talk about. Starting with doing something about the sidewalks.

  4. This project is not even in the top ten national priorities… Go figure why we keep pushing backward on economic production possibilities.

  5. It’s long over due and very much needed.If we are to accommodate my cruise ship business and see a drastic Troursim increase! The city needs to become more spacious and inviting to both citizens and host.

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