Castries Businessman Pleads With Armed Bandits: ‘Get A Job!’

A 65 year old victim of an armed robbery recalls pleading with bandits Wednesday night to get an honest job.

Norman Joseph, who operates a shop on La Pansee road, told St Lucia Times about 9.00 pm five individuals armed with knives, cutlasses and a firearm attacked his shop.

La Pansee shop

He recalled that one of the intruders pointed a gun at his wife.

“They told me ‘Go over there!’ I said ‘For what?'” He said.

Joseph, who disclosed that he recently underwent surgery and has been on dialysis for the past four months,  said his wife urged him to comply with the demands, which he did.

He related that the intruders searched him and relieved him of the cash he had.

The shop owner said the bandits took drinks from the shelves, opened the refrigerator and helped themselves to what was inside before leaving.

Joseph said he told the bandits that he is a sick old man.

“I told them ‘Listen man, that’s  (the shop) what I got from working from a young age. You all guys need to start working because they have work. Try and get a job’,” he recalled telling the individuals who held up his shop.

Joseph said his wife is always sick

“She have pressure – she always up and down in the hospital,” he explained.

“Look today I have to go and buy my medication and they take the money from me,” the Castries businessman lamented.

He told St Lucia Times that he has been operating in the community “all my life”.

“That’s my father property. My father passed away. Me and my brother – my brother passed away and I am operating right here; all my life,” Joseph stated.

The bandits are reported to have also robbed patrons in the shop, as well as some passers by.




  1. Same thing happened at the Chinese restaurant… they took drinks in the refrigerator 🤷‍♂️….. oh well them bloody tiff ….I making them go and pee all gros islet every 12 oclock and they must not take bus …they jus have to walk …#imorebad

    • Clearly voodoo don’t scare them anymore because it is now a lost art. Somebody needs to revive it. Or allow law abiding citizens to more easily access firearms. Perhaps a few of the 5 might’ve been dead that day. Do your part all patriotic St. Lucians. Get rid of a bandit.

  2. Lime juice I am sure it is not as simple as you state to say shopkeepers should get firearms. It is really not about having a firearm, it is about being caught off guard. Putting firearms in the hands of every other person is not a solve to the crime probem on the island. Poor man was robbed of his hard earned money by people who have this false sense of entitlement to someone else’s earnings.

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  4. That’s why when you see them along with those who enjoyed their ill gotten gains reaping what they sow you can not say poor robbed a man who is sick and trying to help the community. Not that you should rob anyone’s not right and you will suffer greatly for engaging in robbery.
    These criminals are cursed with a generational curse hands down. They will suffer and suffer tremendously..,God sees all and knows all one escape the wrath.

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    • Paleface, is it possible to place a noose around their necks and swing them from a tree when they’re not even apprehended and charged. Ask the police and justice authorities how many of these cases have been solved or even prosecuted. I’m not so certain that it’s possible to have someone in custody and execute any action against him when you don’t have him in custody at all. And if you do have him in there you’re not sure he’s the right one or can’t prove that he is. You first need some good crime solving action before any type of execution can be exacted, even in a clandestine fashion.

      If you see what I mean!

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