Castries Central MP Wants Sans Souci Park To Be Safe Zone

Asserting that she was ‘disturbed and troubled’ by recent reports, Castries Central MP, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, has said that Serenity Park, which has been renamed the Sir George William Mallet Serenity Park, should always be a place of safety.

“It should always be a place where people can expect to find serenity,” Flood-Beaubrun told the renaming ceremony for the park Wednesday evening.

Scenic evening view of Sans Souci bridge and Castries Harbour from park

She urged Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, who was among those in attendance, to keep up ‘the good work’ and keep the park safe.

Flood-Beaubrun, who is also Minister of External Affairs, declared that people who visit the park in Sans Souci should not have to look over their shoulder.

” They can feel the comfort and  the serenity that this location naturally affords,” she told the renaming ceremony.

The Castries Central MP spoke against the backdrop of recent reports of an armed robbery of a couple in the park and an attack on a mother and daughter, cruise ship passengers, who had exited the facility.

The young thugs who attacked the two German visitors were unsuccessful in their attempt to relieve the women of  their possessions and fled when the females raised an alarm and locals converged on the scene of the commotion.


  1. Madame Flood, you are right when you said : ” it should be a place of safety”; what safety you are talking about? There is no safety in this land, and can’t you see, things are getting worse! our only hope is : ORC, good judges and the hang man!

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