Saturday, February 29, 2020

Castries Constituency Council To Adopt The Calvary

The Castries Constituency Council (CCC) will officially adopt the Calvary as part of plans to revitalize, beautify and maintain the area, it has been announced.

According to the office of Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, the decision was taken at a recent meeting with Archbishop Robert Rivas.

The official handing-over of the keys to the property will take place on Friday March 29, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. at the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Castries located in Vigie.

A release from the Mayor’s office noted that over the years the Calvary has been vandalized.

It observed that overgrown shrubs made the area a hideout for criminals and a home to vagrants.

The Calvary, as it is commonly known, is the final resting place for clergymen and nuns of the Roman Catholic Church.

The release disclosed that it is the final resting place for Catholic Priest, Charles Jesse who wrote the island’s National Anthem.

“Popular Priest Fr. Reginald John, who was known for his community service and care and adoption of children, and Bishop Lester Guilly, who was instrumental in brokering peace during the 1979 political upheaval, are also buried at the location,” the release stated.

It quoted Mayor Peterson Francis  as expressing the view that the Calvary can be made part of a tour for visitors.

Francis asserted that  it is important for a sacred place with such history to be preserved and protected.

‘‘When my office was approached we did not hesitate to assist. We immediately left to visit the site and saw the decay of such a facility. I would hate to believe that the Calvary, its purpose and rich history have been forgotten by many. This certainly should not be if that is the case,” Mayor Francis was quoted as saying.


  1. This guy never stops working, he is just a natural workaholic. I attended the Teachers Training Centre at Sans – Souci with him. He first came to my attention when I saw him cry profusely for scoring 96% in Mathematics. That said it all about him.

    • Ummm you know this is the same guy who turned a residential area into the Citys garbage dump. You see the smoke and mirrors version of him.

  2. What a load of CRAP! Why should tax paying St. Lucians pay for the upkeep of the Church’s property? That is MADNESS. What is so significant about the “Calvary”? Does it benefit the majority? Absolutely not! The Church should contact the Vatican and ask them for assistance in maintaining that place. Nonsense!!!

  3. The calvary is the resting place of a priest who wrote the national anthem of the country we all live in but we shouldn’t sweep trash of his grave. Please clean up the calvary .

  4. Amen , ! Soon they Will say don’t Clean – Sir John’s Grave . Empty vessels with 0 Compassion .

  5. THE CROW, why don’t you get a life? Where is your gratitude for all the catholic church in St Lucia has done for education and other aspects of life here. Anyway may God grant you mercies

    • Gratitude for what? For the priests (buried there) who sexually abused our young; for them psychologically abusing the ignorant. I can go on and on. Again, they should contact the Vatican and allow them to take up the responsibility. If this is not setting a precedence, then what is?

  6. Mr. Mayor. My house is dirty and unkempt. Please adopt my private property and clean it up. Thanks

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