Castries Fire Leaves Eight Homeless

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In Marchand, Castries, a Tuesday afternoon fire has left eight people homeless.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) reported receiving a distress call at 4:26 pm and responding with two fire trucks and an ambulance from its Castries Headquarters and a fire truck from the Babonneau fire station to the blaze in the Marchand Boulevard area.

The responders found that fire had destroyed a wooden structure and had damaged two adjacent buildings. One of them was a concrete two bedroom, one bathroom home, and the other a shop made of wood where the owner repaired mobile telephones and computers.

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According to information, the homeowner was present when the fire started in one of the structures.

Officials disclosed that the only electrically energised structure was the concrete home where the owner, his wife, and three children lived.

At the same time, three family friends would spend the night in the adjacent wooden structure that the blaze destroyed.

An investigation is underway into the cause of the fire.

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  1. Pjp consistency paying for deeds of pjp..for years the man never improves the place the people are in need..sad shame on pjp st.lucians have to educate themselves

  2. Please work on Wasco, no water flow sent to residents in cap estate after sandals golf club house day 2, ….Wasco does not have the pressure or competency skills to perform…. You say you are for the PEOPLe? Why is Wasco giving all water concessions to royalton and sandals?,,,,,,,,,,Please please do what u did for Marjorie’s on queens chain land, gaining a million dollars from Cabot sMPH and hook up Wasco with better amped up pressure and storage for any supply at all! condolences to fire victims.

  3. The houses are too close together. Its obvious this is causing alot of problems. The PM can relocate most of the people living in Marchaud.

  4. The Fox you are real Fox for true. Really, So it’s the Parliamentary Rep’s fault !

    Over and Over the fire service has been giving advise to reduce life and property damage or loss by fire ,reckless driving and poor conflict resolution but do we listen??

    We are lawless people by every sense of the word .An ounce of precaution could yield a ton of cure.

    Life is never perfect and any thing that can go wrong will go wrong let us try out utmost to mitigate them.

    Happy there was no lost of life ,I emphasize with you for your lost of property.

  5. Here we go again; it wasn’t long since a similar fate happened; it is time PjP take a walk in his district, and start talking to people on this same matter; chances are, it will happen again. Get the Department of Planning to do some work in these over crowded areas, and get the Fire DPT. to accompany Planning on a day trip to advise the people. After all they are the ones who Voted you in.

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