Castries Mayor Announces Major Anti-Crime Measures For The City

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Castries Mayor Geraldine Lendor-Gabriel has announced several significant anti-crime measures for Saint Lucia’s capital city, including a telephone hotline currently in the testing stage and plans to strengthen the City Police department.

Since she took office, the Mayor noted that the CCC had invested substantially in the City Police, including providing uniforms, upgrading their quarters, and looking after their welfare.

In addition, Lendor-Gabriel said the CCC is working on enhancing protection for officers when they are on duty.

The Major also said that the CCC is in dialogue with the private sector regarding CCTV cameras in crime-fighting and will discuss security matters with other stakeholders.

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She spoke of plans to improve street lighting in the capital but revealed that St Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) had encountered supply chain challenges.

“We are looking at body cameras for the officers and we have also received approval to implement tasers,” Lendor-Gabriel stated.

“So we are now moving to develop the protocols and looking to see where we can get training for officers. So we’re moving. We’re not in this to play games,” the Mayor declared.

Regarding the month-old telephone hotline, she said it is currently limited to private sector use, but the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) plans to make a public launch soon.

“You have to test things to see how effective they are and this has proved quite effective,” the Castries Mayor toldĀ St Lucia Times.

Landor-Gabriel explained that once a private sector security official calls the mobile telephone hotline, the City Police would recognise the caller.

“The person does not have to say anything. That call should alert our City Police to know where they should respond,” the Castries Mayor toldĀ St Lucia Times.

She disclosed that through the use of the hotline, the City Police have so far arrested two individuals.

Landor-Gabriel said that the CCC does not want the hotline inundated with calls, so it used the mobile telephone option where people can send messages, photos and video recordings anonymously.


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  1. for an island with no gun factories, wow….in my opinion, your boarders are wayyyy too weak and easy to bring in whatever, maybe its by design………..when the entry points “outside” are properly controlled you can control the island “inside” within time, because nothing would be coming in. or maybe its just black people, no one cares….after all ya’ll are helping with the population control. “killing each other” all blacks……….i am sorry this is going on, its truly sad. beautiful island going to mush.

  2. Pls give the mayor a chance to prove her works,I don’t know her personal but she did a training at an institution which was very effective so I think she knows what she is about we only has to hope that they don’t interfere with her plans which st Lucian will welcome replacing the camera in Castries and even the entire island it will not stop criminal activity but it will reduce and help the popo in there investigation. Even in traffic accidents.

  3. @ Charley:- What about these Cameras working again, if not get new ones. It is essential that cameras be placed at strategic locations where they can’t be stolen and damaged. This year the U.K. is in a celebrity mood, ask and you shall be given. Thank you Jesus for good things.

  4. There used to be cameras given by the UK all around Castries and up to Rodney Bay, the control centre was at La Toc, but no one maintained the cameras and they broke down and were forgotten about. Hope this does not happen again. SMH.

    • At the time this happen the said SLP was in power. It is evident when the SLU GOV. Get things as gifts you witness how they collapse. Like the old people always say when you never worked for it you won’t know how to take care of it.

  5. “So we are now moving to develop the protocols and looking to see where we can get training for officers”. Lol Where are you looking to see to develop it dek dek Landor-Gabriel? How long will this going to be in effect and find training for the boys and are you going to assure the public? Talk talk talk talk talk and and still no action. Yawn.

  6. Alas! These idiots remain focused on crime detection rather than reduction/prevention and maybe elimination. Get into the bloody schools and speak to the pupils/students before they graduate from those institutions. Talk to the jokers in the Ministry of Education and suggest to them that the education provided should be sufficiently meaningful to help make them worthwhile citizens in the community.

  7. Sorry people. Too little to late. The mindset is already ingrained that anyone can do whatever they want without consequence. Too fix crime in Castries you must replace the ghetto atmosphere with the decent atmosphere. Then more decent people will feel confident to be in the city and eventually displace the indecent. Castries used to be a place where you would see families comfortably strolling the streets at night. No way are you seeing that anymore. Decent people of this country are ashamed to call this their capital. Clean up the place and displace the bad. Otherwise you spinning top in mud. You can never get rid of all the roaches and rats in a dirty place. Good luck though.


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