Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Castries Mayor blasts Police Force over City patrols

Castries Mayor Peterson Francis has blasted the Royal St Lucia Police Force over the apparent lack of police patrols in the City saying that officers are more interested in protecting party-goers than safeguarding the elderly.

The Mayor made the statements Thursday as he presented a quarterly report on the City Police.

He said City Police Officers are working hard to protect Castries but are not receiving any assistance from the Royal St Lucia Police Force.

He said the situation is especially evident when there are cruise ships in Port Castries.

“You look yesterday. Took a walk in town. Only city police and two reserve police. And the whole city is flooded with tourists being harassed, being chased. Everything is happening. Not one police officer in uniform,” Mayor Francis asserted.

The said the situation would most likely have been much different had there been entertainment events taking place, with uniformed police officers providing private security services after those events.

“So my question today. Is the Royal St Lucia Police Force a security company or was designed to protect the citizens of this country?” Francis asked.

He also questioned why police officers should be in uniform while performing private security duties and called for the matter to be investigated.

“Today I want to call on the Commissioner of Police to desist from these special duties. Your responsibility is to the citizens of this country,” he said.

The Mayor added, “I believe it’s time for somebody to test the legality of these things because I cannot see the state having an organization to protect the state and these people are more interested in protecting people who are partying. To protect events.”

He went on to say, “We have old people who have retired from NIC. They’re still paying PAYE to pay our civil servants. These people cannot event walk the street at their age, while we have no police during the day patrolling anywhere in the city.”


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  1. I fully agree. This moonlighting issue is very serious. At first it started with off duty police officers doing PRIVATE security services – IN UNIFORM !!. What is worse is that the high ranking officers ( those responsible for shifts at the various police stations) now run private businesses using these police officers even with the on duty officers who have to do patrols at those private establishments. Go check the hotels and see who collects the cheques for security services. Start with the north. The LADY boss. SCANDAL!!! Over to you Mr. Attorney General.

    • Police officers can do special on their off days and they have to in uniform and apply and get permission from the commissioner. Not because you see an officer doing a special means they work as a patrol officer. There are many departments where police work quick don’t require then to patrol. City police was hired to help with the cruise ship.

      • Only retired police officers should be permitted to do security work. There is too much potential for Conflict of Interest when police officers do security work whether off duty or not. I thought people working hard including police officers, were given Days Off to relax and recover from exhaustion and fatigue in order to be fresh and rejuvenated for work.

      • exactly…this is correct. conflict of interest for current active police. Should not be allowed no matter how lucrative it is and easier the monetary compensation makes their life as individuals. it simple shouldn’t be allowed.

        but what do i know I’m just a tourist here for 3 weeks. who’s been offered more weed and coke i could ever need in a life time….i mean like every day every two hours…but that’s another issue maybe.

    • It’s so true and wen u call them they nevr Avialable mind u not all officers are the same there are some that would respond quick good mayor

  2. What a police officer does on his off time is not the mayors business..since when that’s your role..if they are doing it when they are supposed to be working then fine complain..secondly it is prefered that an officer be in uniform when working special duties because he is there in a professional capacity..don’t see the issue with that

    • The mayor never said he has a problem with off duty cops doing security jobs his problem is that the police put those private jobs before what they vowed to do

    • You seem to know alot so tell me who collects the cheque for special duty. I also have two questions for you . 1 does one have to apply to the commissioner for police security at private events. 2. Does the money go into the treasury and then paid to the off duty officrrs

  3. So why did you’ll hearing the city police… didn’t you say they we’re hired because of the tourist. As the stupid police bought you’ll lies and voted for you’ll now put them on blast.. silly rabbit

  4. I agree with you.
    However I get the feeling there’s more to you and your statement.
    Let’s see.

  5. You guys not even paying the cops fairly but want to cut on their opportunities to make extra money to feed their families! Peterson Francis your bread butter already you collecting your retirement plus you have a plush job. Idiots.

  6. If the head is sick the whole body is sick. Change the commissioner and perhaps the home affairs minister and ask for help from the French

  7. Let the comissioner of police take care of that and speak about why you’re victimising the UWP supporters of Castries south why are you depriving them of their little care taking job you’re a very wicked and corrupt man it’s time you get out out there it’s people like you that will cause the government to loose elections

  8. You are so right a number of police do special duties at nights.Especially at the hotels windjammer is a perfect example and i see these officers also working in the morning how can these officers perform effectively. Mr.mayor you are on target.

  9. i agree with the mayor 100% where are the young reserves where is the bicycle patrol they used to have ?

  10. Well said Mr. Mayor. It is time this conflict of interest extra work was exposed for what it is. Those officers living off their extra work and not touching their salary. They need to be more serious about the job they are paid to do which it appears is now a ‘side’ job.

    The police force is a chaotic run organization each man on his own and who in charge? Commissioner on appointment immediately goes on long leave as crime escalates. A force without plans to effectively combat crime. A key post like ACP Crime no ones knows who holds that post and the individual is unseen and as quiet as a mouse. Desir poor feller has been struggling. So lawlessness in charge and criminals rule.

  11. Very correct Sir. On point. Wish you were the prime minister cause you are doing way more work than he have done for the time he is in office. Keep it up.

  12. Finally the city has a myor other than a retard party hack lawyer. I walked Micoud Street opposite Maraj and was so impressed with the sidewalk. None of these vendors there. Although I was looking for creole clothes form them. I ended up at Maraj. The mayor seems to hv a vision and working towards it. In 1 year much than what this party hack Vaughn Lewis wife did in 5. Keep on working.

  13. First time I agree with this bumbling idiot. This needs to be looked into. They are being paid to protect citizens yet they are protecting parties privately. End this!

  14. When I mentioned that on this platform..i was ridiculed…now I’m hearing the same statements from the mayor..yet again I’ll ask why city police not goin marchand. Conway.lestlie land..etc.. are those area’s not part of the city……at list the mayor is seeing what I’m seeing…but for now is just talk

    • They too busy partying…. smh if the body not good … check the head it not good either… change him jokers

  15. Well said Majorbut I think the commissioner have decided since you have you have your City Police then they think it is your duty to police the city. O think there is a misunderstanding that have to be iron out between you and the commissioner of police.

  16. The mayor is just blowing hot air. He needs to know his damn place and don’t come trying this about police officers working side jobs. These officers are more productive than him and most of their party affiliated employees at the city police.

  17. If you don’t speak about politics you not good be courageous my friend, and I hope you run for election next time

  18. i agree with u Mr Mayor…i have a suggestion…you should propose to your government to increase the salaries of the police oficers then you will have a case for them not to do those specials ..unless u can do that i think you should just shut the hell up…

    • So increase salaries with no increase in the quality of work. Perhaps you should shut the hell up….

  19. Mr mayor, before you poinť fingers at the police and their work ethics you need to understand that your salary and perks and everything else makes you confortable. Therefore you have no additional desire to moonlight however the average police officer’s salary can not support him hence the reason for additional work. I have an elevated salary and I am placed in a situation where I need to work extra to make ends meet in order to live confortable. The problem there is merly coordination. I am much appalled by your statement. It again demonstrates the ignorance of our so called society leaders. Please mr mayor come back on the ground. Disgusted.

    • Totally agree that it is tough to make ends meet. But many people want to live beyond their means. Perhaps you should speak to a financial planner or do some additional research on financial. Remember, banks are not your friends and they try to keep you indebted as long as possible. That is how they make their profits. You must also be mindful of the possible conflict of interest with police officers doing private work. I always find it odd seeing SSU officers in uniform at those bars in Rodney Bay. Not to mention seeing them drinking in uniform. It casts a negative light on the uniform.

  20. It was time someone stood up and spoke out and Mr Mayor I hope ur words don’t just stop there please and it’s not only the tourist they have to be protecting but us the citizens also and it’s time we get tell streets of Castries clean the side walks are over crowded, the CDCs need a pressure washer and some brighter color paints and not the dull colors they are in now and with the help of the mp for central Castries I believe it can be downloaded and the ppl also

  21. this mayor. for a year now we complaining to the city police and mayor about some fellas making noise with pressure washers on the sidewalk. they never stop it. useless mayor.,

  22. The City of Castries has no police officers whether by day or night .police officers Take Special Duty as Duty and the police duty is part time and also to rest after performing special Duty.There are police officers who do about three special Duty for a day then have their duties arrange for night time to rest at the police Station.The special Duty have Cripple the operations of the police force .It’s a Business within the police force.The Commissioner of Police have to fix that now be ause its really out of Hand .no police on the streets island wide .

  23. Wawo Mr mayor so you are saying that the party goers don’t need protection the business owner don’t need protection and a police officer must not work legally to better his life and th st of his family. I think you should have a chat with the minister’s and they will tell you how much they make on a side be careful I don’t say under the table

  24. Mayor I don’t agree with you because everyday the just ticket officers always on the streets giving tickets.making it hard for me to run to a store to buy something.. ain’t they in uniform?..I see them everyday Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings preventing me from shopping at the market.. you’ll need to open the car park earlier on a Saturday to prevent people from getting tickets… therefore when you’re talking about not seeing officers …just ticket officers are there.. think is traffic officers.. and now those on the motorcycles keeping the highway in check….

  25. Mr mayor is retired…his job as mayor is a side job…if he was on the streets at night he would see some officers patrolling the city every night in a white van especially jeremie street on a friday and saturday night…when they stoned him about two weeks ago who was there….give up your job to someone who is iss able and young at that and then speak of moonlighting because you are moonlighting too….four years to go…

  26. His father left the RSLPF after serving over 2o yrs, due to his small pension he had to work with the customs department for a while… if he was getting a good pension he would have not done other work, what is good for the goose is good for the ganda, pay them a higher salery…after two terms politicians are entitled to pension….thanks to his former party/ granny / the police can only get nis after 65 yrs.

  27. I am beginning to love this Mayor! At first I considered him as just another political opportunist, but he has proven me wrong . I must admit he doing a damn good job so far. My apologies Sir, and keep up the good work. You are right on target with your comments regarding the police. I hope that you spare no effort in seeing that something is done about this wanton practice.

  28. World War 3 if you’Ll touch police special. Conflict of interest my hole. No one can tell u wat to do on ur day off.

  29. Start paying the police to work after they have completed their alloted ours for the week. I am sure many police officer would prefer patrolling the streets of castries than working private events. PAY THE POLICE MORE. CAN’T EVEN GO TO THE BANK WITHOUT BACKA.

  30. mr mayor you already take over the police with your city police so why you want the rslpf officer to do what look just now you will not see traffic police because you will see city traffic police so what will you say now you just want to take over everything the ball is in your court now play it good

  31. Dasal….i don’t know why you jumping down the Mayor’s throat.he is right and what money is it you are talking about.what are you’ll doing to get money.are you all solving crime’s how many murders have you’ll arrested crimes not being tuff

  32. The Police need to be Everywhere not only in the City for tourists,
    So citizens living here and paying their taxes are not important too!!!
    I agree the new City Police complement the usual Police. But since the City Police are already patrolling the City and they have the powers of the usual Police, I say put the usual Police in other surrounding areas

  33. Not sure I understand the mayor . Only last week the city police was given the authority to give tickets to illegal parking of vehicles which is a police duty.he is not complaining. But if he realize this he should have held a meeting with the police chief . Not throw it out like this.

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