Castries Mayor presents first report card touting key accomplishments

Peterson Francis has presented his inaugural report card touting significant accomplishments in his first year as Mayor of Castries.

During a ceremony at the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) on Thursday, Mayor Francis said the foundation had been laid for a better City and a better Castries Constituency Council.

“Our foundation is strong, the frameworks are being expanded and upgraded, and now the work remains to make sure that we are investing in our communities and our citizens so that the capital city is the crown jewel it is poised to be,” Mayor Francis said.

He pointed to “eight fundamental areas which I believe we made a significant dent on.”

Among the accomplishments cited by the Mayor are increased income generation, the implementation of the city police department, reduced crime in the city and the remodeling of the CCC office building along with the reinstallation of the city clock.

He said there has been a reduction in muggings and other crimes in the city due to the presence and implementation of the City Police Department.

“Our city police have been able to lodge 26 Cases in the courts for this year. There were 12 convictions. 14 cases are still pending,” the Mayor said.

The mayor said under his leadership, the CCC has procured a backhoe and a garbage truck, opened a new comfort Station at Marchand Boulevard, launched a new website and facilitated low cost tombs and burials.

“We have been able to realize an increase in rental income of 11% compared to the first quarter of last year (April to June), as well as an increase in income from comfort stations of 19.3% and cemetery of 21%.  Significant strides have been taken to reduce and control costs and to streamline and modernize our accounting processes and procedures with the hope of making CCC more self-sufficient,” Mayor Francis said.

The mayor also reported strides in international relations point to visits to Martinique and New York which he said formed part of a strategy to create strong partnerships and to build linkages.

Looking ahead, Mayor Francis said there are plans to remodel Castries market, provide free Wi-Fi in the city, recruit an additional 50 city police officers and create green spaces and improved parks in Castries along with the implementation of parking terminals.


    • Yup all that guy ever does is beat his a%$. One year after Fortuna proclaimed Castries is the pit stop of the Caribbean it still continues to be the pit stop of the Caribbean. Smelly, filthy, noisy and disgusting.

  1. Results is what we need see, so nuff respect for that…even if I think you’re full of yourself. Keep it up!

  2. the PR have had a major impact in the role and yes action speaks louder. let me see some major projects to unlift the city….cheups….the few things done should have opened the eyes of many and while this gov’t is under pressure and scrutiny I think that they should be sensible to piggybank that council is doing. as if ccc is the gov’t..chas and the other phonies have no sense…

  3. I respect the mayor’s hustle. The guy is trying new things and definitely trying to make the place look better. Respect. Unlike the clowns in the central government.

  4. It would be a good idea to regrow the gardens to what it used to be back in the 70’s, when there were lots of beautiful flowers, well manicured, now it’s the jumby capital of the Caribbean….lol

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