Castries Mayor Says No To Legalising Ganja

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, reiterated his position Thursday against the legalising or decriminalising of marijuana.

“I have said it publicly and I will say it again, I am not a supporter of legalising marijuana or decriminalising marijuana,” he told reporters at a news conference Thursday when the issue was raised.

Francis declared that he has his own personal views on the matter.

“We cannot even cope with the regular diseases that we have. We do not know what that is going to bring. We cannot cope with alcoholism,” he asserted.

“We can’t cope. Everyday you’re hearing about the health sector,” he noted.

“Have we studied what could happen with marijuana? Have we studied that?Do you know what the effect is going to be?” He asked.





  1. You make a good point Mr. Mayor. Whatever health cost will be borne by taxpayers many of them who aren’t smokers. But let’s face it. Marijuana is already legal here. You’re always under the market. Not a second goes by in that location without being bombarded by its smell. Why not call your City Police to arrest the perps?

    • Chat pure crap GANJA FI BUN and ITS BURNING NOW and will BURN AFTER PETTERSON IS LONG GONE. I cant stand these EDGE HOG POLITICIANS just stifling the country thank God the clock is not on their side. That’s why the ran to Barbados and we are still lay lay lay and the rest of the Caribbean is moving ahead except us. What this clown believe is yesterday people smoking Ganja in St Lucia ?? People smoke ganja every day and if it was legalized it just mean those who have been hiding to wrap up a BIG HEAD would not have to fear doing so no more and those who did or does not care for it will be doing just that. Oh “we can hardly cope now” Clown ! Ganja is the healing of the nation if he was smart he would he would sip a cup of ganja tea in the mornings for his glaucoma and high blood pressure. YouTube Jacob Miller tired fe lick weed in a bush some’s it up

      • I think your name says it all and I’m surprised you can type considering the number of brain cells that you have healed away.

      • When y’all learn manners and discretion it will be decriminalized. Y’all smoking y’all s*** in ppl face with no regard for others health. Y’all don’t know who’s asthmatic or has respiratory issues, but y’all just blowing stinking smoke in their face. Destroy y’all lives alone plz. Idiot lucians with no brain cells left. Highgrade *** moi

  2. I believe, too, the mayor may have a good point. However, the rampant use of marijuana during past 50 years in the US has already shown it to be relatively harmless. Documented use of marijuana in the US exceeds 175 years and, likely, much longer. During the civil war, when tobacco was hard to obtain, civil war soldiers could buy, and smoke, “high grade hemp.”

  3. Thank God it’s not his decision. The PM has already said that’s what he is doing. Mayor does not set policy. He just like the media attention.

  4. Folks this is what happens in a society where drugs (pharmakea) is promoted and encouraged. Every society in history that has given over to the usage of drugs has gone downhill. People talk about how good it is economically but that comes at an enormous price that is far worse than the value gained by more money of the relatively few who benefit from (in this case) the legalization of a drug that demoralizes and as scientifically proven also lowers IQ. Wake up America and quit being afraid to do what’s right because something’s not politically correct! Our country has to come back to the rightly divided Word of God!

    • I thought this was one of God’s creations. All medications in general has side effects so I really do not see where you are coming from, especially when you get god involved. He might have taken a whiff himself during his times.

      • If you are doctor you should no that arsenic in some form is used in medication. If you do your homework you will also know that venom is used to make the antidote for snake bite. I would definitely not want you to see any relative of mine if you are actually a doctor

      • Lincoln, just like you are not any damn Lincoln, Doctor here does not have to be a doctor. What Doctor is saying is simply that arsenic and venom are found in natural form and are still poisonous.

      • So what’s your point? Drinking to much water can also be bad for the body. Sometimes even causing death. This is my actual name if you dare to know. I do not hide behind false names

  5. I truly believe that marijuana can help with our failing economy. We can pay off our national debt with its revenue. I do feel if we have strict and strong regulations in place this form of revenue can work. We have too many illegal activities on young men and women going around selling and killing each other and crowding our prisons over this. Marijuana on this island has a similar comparison to the prohibition in America, based on all the back-door deals and killings that came with illegalization of alcohol. How about using the Amsterdam model to start off the marijuana business? No matter what the rules are, marijuana is and will be here to stay, so why not make the best of it. We fail to realize that Not everyone like sitting behind a desk all day or even working for a company. Our jobs are very limited and so is our resource. I feel that its time to tap into a new form of business that would generate funds open jobs, bring in more tourist and give St. Lucia a chance to feed themselves legally. This is my observation and opinion. Thanks…

  6. To all against Cannabis, please be not ignorant to history and why the herb had been criminalized in the first place, if you do a simple inquiry on any internet search engine, you will see that even The World Health Organization (WHO) is admitting that they were wrong about the scheduling of the herb and urges nations around the world to reschedule the plant from 4(which is most controlled ) to 1 (which is least).
    The same will be for psychedelics like mushrooms, which have way less health risks than alcohol or cigarettes. wake up people, read up on what is going on in the world, things are changing fast, the rules & taboos born out of lies of the 80’s and earlier no longer exist…. stop the ignorance.

  7. No one cares bro. Your opinion is yours Mr Mayor. You guys have cigarettes and alcohol legal… And you’re talking about health. you a hypocrite too always drinking rum doesn’t that kill braincells too. Media has you guys brainwashed.

    • Facts! Alcohol should be criminalised, made illegal!!! Caused more road fatalities, destruction of families, abused women and children, and the list goes on than marijuana could ever cause. Its so sickening to hear some of these people talk. Disgusting! Go after alcohol! Go after tobacco which has clinically proven to have more harmful effects than marijuana. I really can’t with these people.

  8. Mr mayor both you and you brother always wanted some position in authority from way back . shut your ARSE . you have no part in the legislation of st.lucia.

  9. Next time you have an opinion mr man, try very very hard to keep it to YOURSELF. Do you know the difference between a plant and a DRUG??? Question 2…How many people have died in the past from consuming too much alcohol, consuming ur drugs prescribed by ur so called doctors, how many times have they added to the symptoms of the sickly and have you ever had a look at the cigarette packs? ??? What research have you done? Do u have a first hand experience with medical marijuana, or any type of marijuana whatsoever? U talking about alcoholism and comparing it to the use of marijuana??? It seems to me that we are not all as smart as we look. Go on Mr Scientist and do your research, but be sure to keep the results and all your findings to yourself, u big dummy.

    Signed: Allen

  10. Cell phones does more damage than marijuana, please do you research. There definitely need a chang in the political sector in st.lucia because some of these politicians is STUCK in the stone age. Maybe when the rest of the Caribbean legalizes marijuana, then St. Lucia will follow suit, because we are a bunch of copy cats, for once can we be the first to do something…and make it work for us🙄.

  11. The tax revenues from Cannabis exports can be used to subsidize the healthcare costs of the country. We can also put a sin tax on alcohol and cigarettes to subsidize healthcare costs. This will never happen as the administration who does this will pay at the polls

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  13. Yall fellas making a big fuss over a little plant. If a man or a woman smoking fade, is not ur mouth ur lips or ur lungs big man. Yall arresting people who smoke marijuana and saying how they smoking it in public and how its affecting other people, yet still if a man light a cigarette in public it’s no problem. Yall fellas have all that education but yall cannot see that it’s the same smoke in both cases, and as a matter of fact cigarette smoke smells worse than marijuana smoke, it literally chokes u when someone lights one up. To be fair I’d rather if someone is smoking marijuana around me than smoking anything else. I hope u reading

  14. But what has that to do with the mayor? If I speak about this, no one cares because I’m not in a position to make a difference. Are you?

  15. I believe if we are to make some progress in this developing world, we need to get rid of primitive thinking , lets face it this is capitalist world and we as islanders need to find a nieche to advance our economy. Why not weed?

  16. Mesiay ehh worry with the mayor uh smoke yall smoke. Jus make sure yall have enough money and insurance for de killer copd ehh.once u get that u finish clean. Elfinito, capish, boom. Dats all m saying.

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