Friday, January 24, 2020

Castries Mayor To Discuss Crime Control With T&T Police

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, will discuss crime control strategies with Trinidad and Tobago police when he makes an official visit to the twin Island republic on Sunday, the Mayor’s office has announced.

The Mayor’s visit  to the twin Island republic comes as the City Police continue a major crackdown on criminal activity in Castries.

According to the office of the Mayor, Francis will meet with representatives of the  Mounted and K9 Branches of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith to discuss crime control strategies within the City of Port of Spain.

Griffith was recently quoted as saying that if criminals have no fear of God they will fear him.

Appointed top cop in August, about a month later he warned criminals that they will no longer be allowed to even believe they can control certain areas and have residents gripped with fear.

According to local media reports, Griffith also  launched a new “intelligence-driven” anti-crime initiative called Strike Back, which he said is intended to do three things: ensuring a greater police presence, take away the public’s fear of crime and to “swing” back at criminals.

In addition to speaking with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Chief, the Castries Mayor is down to meet his counterparts in Port of Spain, Arima and San Fernando.

The series of meetings are part of strategies to build strong partnerships in an effort to improve and develop the City of Castries, the office of the Castries Mayor stated.

Mayor Francis will be accompanied by Initiatives Director Mavista Edward and Press and Communications Manager Jason Hullingseed.

The team will return to Saint Lucia on Sunday November 11, 2018.



  1. 11/03/2018

    Spiritual message from the Lord for this day, he wants the world to know that the Tribulation begins today, the time has expired when he allowed a little window of time for the lost and the wicked to repent and turn to him. The decree will be signed and his tears will fall from Heaven. His righteous will be persecuted but he will feed them with manna from Heaven. It will be uncomfortable here on earth because of all the distresses that will take place, he asks us not to fear but continue to pray, darkness shall cover the earth for those who do not have his light but others will be persecuted for that light. And when the beast who is the in shadows waiting for his power to be given unto him, then God shall remove his people. They shall inherit houses they did not build, wells they did not dig, vine yards they did not plant and lots more.
    The plan is to remove Gods people from the way and to create his own beings that already exists around the world (robots and artificial intelligence) so they can do whatever they want to do here on earth. We are in the time of iron and clay and that God will have his way and no one can stop him.

    Stay in Prayer!

  2. Yall either thinking out of yall posterior or looking for an excuse to travel and waste taxpayers’ money. Trinidad can’t even control their own damn crime. Choopz. Time for these idiots to get out of office.

  3. The murder total in Trinidad this year is 453 so far, a significant increase from previous years. The police has resorted to ORC-type responses and have so far been unable to deal with their out of control crime situation. Their models and methods are not working. What are we to learn from them and them from us?

  4. Too much money is wasted on unnecessary travel! Most of the time these officials travel for joy rides and grandeur and pretend it is on government’s business.

  5. I support the mayor 99.9% of the time. This trip is a bit of a stretch, and thus I can’t back him. It’s a huge waste of good money. What can Trinidad do for you in terms of crime-fighting? Sweet nothing! He needs to go somewhere that has a successful model.

  6. The house cat talking to Lion,about what? Trini cant control nothing,just look at the stats,killing ,rape,kidnaping.Just give our guys the means,and the tools,go to Europe or South America,and get what our boys need and stop wasting our money on stupid talk .Neighbours have **** up their ***,and have no grass to clean it.

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