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Castries Sanitation Workers Strike

Castries sanitation workers went on strike Monday morning, leaving the capital strewn with uncollected garbage.

Over 70 workers are said to be involved in the industrial action.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) confirmed the strike in an interview with St Lucia Times.

“We have a situation where most of our workers – our sanitation workers to be precise, have decided that they are not going to be working this morning,” Pierre explained.

“This is an essential service and what we have found out is that we cannot get a reason,” he said.

Wilfred Pierre

The CCC official suggested that when the council gets in touch with the union that represents the Castries sanitation workers, the reason for Monday’s action will be known.

The strike comes on the heels of weekend activities in observance of this country’s 41st anniversary of independence.

“We would not have left the area, especially on the Waterfront in the mess that it was in because there was a big activity there,” Pierre told St Lucia Times.

He observed that as a result, the CCC deployed some of its employees from the Castries market to start cleaning up the area.

Pierre raised health concerns in relation to the strike by the sanitation workers.

At the time he spoke, he asserted that the employees had already done “quite a bit.”

“We could not allow the streets to be like that,” he stated.

Asked whether the action by the Castries sanitation workers was linked to salary negotiations, Pierre said the CCC did provide the workers with an increase.

However he noted that this had an impact on the council.

“It really affected us quite a bit. But we did provide the workers with an increase in salaries. There is still a six percent that is required and we are still having discussion on that,” he noted.

“But we have done a lot of things for these workers. The workers have been – I mean, look at what we have done for them. We had a situation where workers were never recognised and what the Mayor did was to have an award ceremony which cost us quite a bit to honour some of these workers,” Pierre recalled.

He declared that the CCC provided uniforms for the workers.

“When they have issues they come to us and we try our best to see how we can assist them,” Pierre told St Lucia Times.


  1. Pwilfred Pierre you’re the mayor mouth piece ? You talking about uniforms and awards ceremony … That’s trash talk . how about a pay increase for the workers . that’s what we want . and better tools to do our job . you know fully well why we on strike . you were informed ..dumb arse…..

  2. Respect due , we love and appreciate you .Thank you for your service to our City .Horses get air condition comfort , top class medical care and attention while our people suffer . I will never forgive this Government for such .

  3. You all must respect the workers that clean our streets which is a must . start to pay people what they deserve because all politicians take more than their salary and half do not even deserve it . lollollol @ award ceremony and uniforms ..just shows how they view you all like kids or puppets or modern slave workers .

  4. There was a Prime Minister’s Ball at Reduit .Workers are not Respected in St.Lucia at all .The Ccc workers Work so Hard to keep the City Clean and they are Being Negleted they should go on Strike for one Month

  5. A cheap uniform and a five dolar medal,that you can buy in any sport shop.With that you want to make them happy,? Nigeritys at its best,our politicians have no respect for those that work hard,doing the simple tasks,we all need done

  6. Mr.Piere,what is the alot that you have done?have an award ceremony?does that equate to more mo e to take home?does that equate to health insurance,come on man,if you have nothing to say,dontbcome making a fool of your self.

  7. Round of applause to you and the powers that be for moving forward. I do however, have some questions….

    How much was the salary increase? Was there any back pay, for the years of services they provided? Did it make any significance to what they were paid before? Is free or discounted medical check ups included in the salary increase/bonus such as immunizations, boosters etc.?

    Does the uniform include all that is necessary to complete their given tasks? Things such as:
    • Proper footwear
    • Googles
    • Masks
    • Gloves
    • Shirt & bottom (skirt, pants)
    • Raincoat
    • Safety hat etc.

    Are the awards going to be annually or at least quarterly? Will the respect be given to those who actually deserve it or not?

  8. All of a sudden everybody needs raise, everyone wants to strike, everywhere have mold.Boy I will be sorry for you all lucians in time to come.There will be a time we will need our mouth to talk and we will not be able to open it.That country have to much Ro Ro and that’s my opinion and I stick to it.

  9. At the best of times St. Lucia, and especially Castries is a cesspool of garbage. Now there be more? visitors will think we are pigs rolling in our own festering feces. What will the Caribbean community think of us, we getting a good share of tourism and like idiots we driving it away with our foul stench. we stupid!

    • Really, Andrew Magloire?
      Your comment truly reflects a very sad era in our history. But I’m also very sorry for you, especially at this stage of your life!

    • You shouldn’t have been surprised; you:ve most probably been misjudging him. The man is simply there for himself; this is is manifested by his past records.

  10. There should be a middle ground somewhere for both sides to save face and get these people back to work. The work done, does represent an important part of the bigger picture, which is to promote a healthy environment for both the public and our biggest Industry, “Tourism”. Interestingly, it does not bode well for those in charge to not act with some urgency. The economy depends on not giving the impression to those on the outside that we are not what we advertise. That our beauty is only skin dip.
    I always slant to the side of the workers, especially the sanitation workers. They have to deal with everyone’s junk/shit….They should have an interesting story to tell about the thinks they come across daily. The trump card is in the workers hands…play it wisely and do not overplay and get too greedy..

  11. The garbage problem in St. Lucia is serious AND real! Tourism is the soul of the economy. Why would visitors pay large amounts of money to come to the island and have to walk through stench and filth? St. Lucia needs to clean up its act. PAY EMPLOYEES BETTER WAGES, more benefits, supply the necessary equipment, ie -garbage wands, to make collecting of trash easier and more sanitary. HIRE MORE PEOPLE! So much money is LOST from the economy by visitors not returning to the island because of this issue. St. Lucian’s health and financial well being is at stake. VOICES CAN BE HEARD. SPEAK UP!

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