Castries South East MP Responds To Protest By Millet Bus Drivers

Castries South East MP Guy Joseph says plans are ‘very advanced’ for work on the Belair road.

The announcement in a video posted on his official Facebook page came as Millet bus drivers this week said they were withdrawing their services to Bel Air and Venus Estate because of deplorable road conditions.

“I can tell you, we could have done some remedial work but as you know, the same approach I took to the Forestiere road that I say we would have to endure the bad road for a little while in order that we can do a comprehensive rehabilitation,” the Castries South East MP stated.

Joseph disclosed that he has been in discussion with both the Ministries of Finance and Infrastructure.

“In the coming week we should see some activity on the Belair road where we are going to see a complete rehabilitation,” the MP announced.

Joseph explained that because bus drivers have given notice that they will not service the community until the road conditions are improved, as Parliamentary Representative he has engaged a bus which will serve the affected area.

He said the bus will transport people from the  affected community to the main road where they can get easy access to public transport.

“In the coming weeks a comprehensive rehabilitation job will be carried out on the Belair road. Again I repeat, this will not just be potholing but a completely new road surface,” Joseph, who is also Minister for Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation, asserted.


  1. Read carefully what the Minister said. The Mini Bus Drivers said that they will not operate until the road is complete. In the interim the Government will come ndertake the works and provide transportation for the people until the works are completed and the Mini Bus Drivers returned was o work as usual. What about that you do not understand?

    • How long has he been their rep? The man is an opportunist and a greedy joe. I am sure the bus provided will be one of his own. This government earns an extra $1.50 on every gallon of gas for road works plus we pay road taxes. We deserve better. The bus drivers are darn right!

      • The bus drivers are right to do what? Right to strike on the public? Because I am sure that the strike does not hurt the MP one bit. We have to analyze what we say. You cannot be sure that Joseph will employ one of his buses, as a simple method is by enquiring after the measure has ben put in place. Even though that Government earns S1. 50 (not $150) per gallon is the money collected to date that enough to fix any road in St. Lucia? These are the questions we need to ask not just engaging in Lucian culture by lambasting people regardless of what they say the situation is. You have to be patient for some of these projects because you have no idea of the red tape involved in get such projects off the ground. I am sure that the drivers were aware that the road was earmarked for reconstruction.

  2. By now we all know that what politicians say has nothing to do with reality.If you only knew a bit of reality my lady,Belair was built 25 years ago,since then some roads were never finished in those days,and all goverments ignored the people living there,for the simple fact that the comunity was so small,that it really never had any weight when it came to election times,a comunity of 250 people,dosent mean a thing to politicians.It would be great if they could build real concrete roads,to fix the village for the next 20 years,and a good asphalt road coming from the Sarrot crossing or from the Marigot or Coolie Town area,that is what Belair needs.This is an important farming area,and its been abandoned.This is not politics so dont try to make it look that way.

  3. Thank you mini bus drivers for putting presure on these lazy ministers,the people of Belair have to be gratefull.

  4. For all the years that the neighbours have been sending letters to the district rep,asking for the basics,roads draines.Guy you have all those letters,dont blame the people for your mistakes,you got your shite the other night,and that was not expected,you invited your hacks to the comunity meeting.How about you face all the comunity? just to see how they feel.Dont worry your Waterloo is coming,the sword of Damocles is hanging over your head.You forgot to visit Belair,all these years? your hacks,you realize are cow dunk,they dont help you.You are a mess

  5. Chip and Spray to shut the voices down for 8 months. When will we as a people demand more.

    After 15 years of Guy Joseph that’s what we get in Castries South East?

    That’s what we settle for. CRUMBS AFTER STARVATION FOR SO MANY YEARS?

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