Thursday, November 14, 2019

Castries South East Residents Engaged as Construction Works Roll Out

The consultations provide opportunities for residents to share concerns and opinions.


Residents of Castries (south east) will gather at the Bexon Parish Hall on Oct. 21, from 6 p.m., to obtain first hand information on the DVRP-funded multi-million-dollar slope stabilization and drainage works soon to begin in the constituency.

The consultant, contractors, and government technocrats, including engineers from the Department of Infrastructure view the gathering as yet another opportunity to continue to engage all stakeholders at all stages of the project—from conception to implementation. The forum will discuss the nature of the various packages of climate resilient works to be undertaken, and provide opportunities for residents to raise concerns and share opinions.

The Department of Economic Planning, through the Project Coordination Unit (PCU), and the Department of Infrastructure regard such engagements as an avenue to identify, prevent, and mitigate environmental and social impacts that can threaten project viability. Consulting with residents also provides the opportunity to manage stakeholder attitudes and expectations.

Communities in Castries (south east) earmarked to benefit from the flood mitigation works are Country Village, Odsan, Barre du Chaussee, Belair, Bexon, Ravine Poisson, Marc, Crown lands, Labayee, Sarrot Gap, and Dierre Bas.

Climate-conscious interventions include reinforced concrete retaining walls, gabion basket retaining walls, masonry retaining walls and ripraps. Glory cedar trees will be planted along the river banks to help with slope stabilization. Given the proven correlation between poor garbage disposal and the negative impact on drains, residents are also expected to benefit from information on proper garbage disposal practices, to ensure increased lifespan of the drainage works.

Other communities expected to benefit from similar initiatives under the DVRP include Marchand, Micoud North, the Dennery Village, and Forestierre.

The EC$6 million dollar slope stabilization and drainage projects will begin within weeks in Castries South East, are expected to last for six months, and will generate employment for scores of residents in the targeted communities.


  1. Im doing my best to be positive ,I just hope that what ever work is done ,is done in a good way that our money is well spent on long living proyects. We dont need cheap shite


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