Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Castries Teenager Reported Missing

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A Castries teenager has been reported missing by members of her family who disclosed that the youngster, identified as Ivina Charles, was last seen one week ago.

A relative told St Lucia Times that the sixteen-year-old was at her Maynard Hill, Castries home babysitting her nieces and nephews.

“She left them but she never told them where she was going,” the relative disclosed.

The family wants anyone with information regarding Ivina’s whereabouts to contact the Marchand police station at 4563885.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. She is alive and well..she came back yesterday. Kwarmy and his boys had her in house…this world is crazy.ok one hand man and his boys

    • Age 16 now and didn’t want to miss the oppertunity by letting her younger relatives hold her back. She wanted to experience that cockay.

  2. @ patricia I do not know this individual; never seen her before; have absolutely no affiliations with her yet here you are deliberately laying accusations in attempts to implicate me in a situation in which I do not belong!

    This is quite serious and you need to debunk your statement asap!

  3. type in her name on google search..apparently this is not her first goose chase…..these girls need to stop that…and allowing the innocent missing ones to be criticized by many…..

  4. Where was the neices and nephews parents at the time. Was this her punishment to watch the children. I think there is more to this story.

  5. Parents with Young girls Missing should be arrested and Interviewed by the CID .Most of you all know very well what these Young Girls and Boys are involved in and Cover up Most of the Time

  6. Look the reality is that when you are not brought up in an honest home or environment or community obviously situation like this will always happen. Look at the island situation financially. Some have and some starving to have and young girls fall for the money aspect. Just last week we found one of our daughter dead almost less than a decade ago another teenager body was found dump at cap estate and we letthem things slide. My daughter do not give into male predator do without and go home and ignore the bullies

  7. people can we stop these man comments?? i know thats the first thing that many can think but these days i do not know wat has gotten into st lucia but pure evil is on the loose in this country…i always say after we get them back let’s talk the “man story” but until then think of the worst that could happen if it were your child

    • Nah bro use your brain, look at her age 16. She left without saying where she went. Girls around that age do stuff like that. Especially for their “man”.

      • yes ron although I agree but it could be 20, 25, 30 this world’s evil dont respect you….well let’s wait for the outcome….if this a man situation, i must say these girls need to stop this nonsense….but as you can see is the same man that will cause them to meet their demise……wat a sad world we live in….hope she turns out fine nevertheless…ladies if you plan on going somewhere please let someone anyone know….

  8. Dem young girls not learning anything don’t they know how dangerous it is to just leave your home nowadays. Hope she returns safe.

  9. Does this make sense. She was home Baby sitting and just left the children and nvr said where she was going? To me i was taught to ALWAYS say where ma going when stepping out the house. What kind of Broughtupcy we have nowadays. She somewhere by a man I suspect.

  10. Kidnappers are about. Mothers hold on to your females. A report should have been made after 24 hrs not after 1 week. Parents wake up! There are predators and monsters out there.


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