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Updated on July 9, 2020 2:52 pm
Updated on July 9, 2020 2:52 pm
Updated on July 9, 2020 2:52 pm

Castries Vendor Says Tourist Stole From Her

Castries vendor Bertha Nicholas has told a local television station that a tourist stole from her booth at the Vendors Arcade.

MBC Prime reported Wednesday night that Nicholas was returning from a visit to the washroom when she noticed a Caucasian male near the booth.

The vendor told MBC Prime that she tried to get his attention.

“When I reached close to him I said ‘Hello sir, are you interested in a cap or something?’ He didn’t answer me – he paid no mind,” Nicholas recalled.

She disclosed that when she checked her items, she noticed that a small glass pyramid was missing.

According to Nicholas, she followed the visitor requesting to see what was under his cap and eventually discovered that he had the item in his possession, which she took.

“A grown up man like you – why you doing that?” She recalled telling the visitor.

“He said nothing to me – he just turned his back and then he left,” Nicholas stated.

According to MBC Prime, the man was a passenger aboard a cruise ship berthed in the Castries harbour and was accompanied by a woman.

The vendor said the case was not an isolated one as tourists sometimes visit vendors’  booths in groups and only after they depart, the vendors discover that items are missing.

But she explained that Wednesday’s incident happened ‘live’.

“I saw him – people witnessed it,” Nicholas explained.


  1. This is my problem with us on island. The police should have been called and he should have been questioned since it was a suspected crime; pilfering is a crime whether it is committed by a tourist (code for white person as we say on island) or a local.

    Vendor lady you wasted your time by calling the media when you could have called the police. Try stealing from a vendor at the port in St. Thomas; not only will you be arrested but you will be deported and your visa will be revoked.

    I have said this countless times, the same for drugs, when they arrest the local boys for drugs at Friday night arrest the tourist buying the drugs since they know that the activity is illegal.

    • I totally agree with you. The police should have been called. Everyone wants to see how these matters would be dealt with. A cruise ship? 1 day in port? I am starting to believe that the whole thing was orchestrated.

  2. “Bertha”, you make a living by stealing from tourists. Selling that cheap China garbage. Now the shoe on the other foot, you cry wolf. Get over it.

  3. got to love all y’all Lucian ..y’all have no chill..but the comments by Lucy and truth be told are spot on ..the cops should have been called!

  4. I am a local and have been on a cruise and thereby, seen as a tourist in a foreign country. Tourists are ordinary people with the same habits, good or bad as the rest of us. They are not necessarily rich. It may have taken years of saving, to afford the trip. We tend to think they are manner from heaven.

  5. People tend to think that tourists are honest, but they can be just as crooked as the Mississippi river. Vendors have to watch that fake smile, which is sometimes meant to distract for the purpose of pilfering.

  6. Its bad that a guy took something from your shop,wilst you were evacuating your fluids in another chamber.Never leave your shop alone.A tourist would say Tit for Tat,just call the cops next time a white mother f….steals from you

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