Castries Vendors Brace For Economic Fallout Of Cruise Ship Ban

Castries vendors say they are bracing for the economic fallout from a ban placed on cruise ships berthing here, amid fears over the spread of COVID-19.

Celia Joseph, the former Secretary of the Vendors Association, told St Lucia Times that although the situation was not the best, vendors support the cruise ship ban to some extent recognising that it was implemented to protect their health and that of their families.

“What happen is that we are almost the first set of people the tourists contact when they get off the cruise ships,” Joseph explained.

Celia Joseph

She said the vendors are at risk in the same way as doctors, nurses and others.

According to Joseph, vendors are now relying on tourists from neighbouring Islands like Martinique.

But she lamented that the Martiniquans may not even decide to visit Saint Lucia because of the Coronavirus situation back home.

Joseph asserted that vendors are ‘almost accustomed’ to the tourist dearth because they experience a six month lull in the cruise season.

“When the season is over we depend on tourists from the hotel and tourists from the Caribbean so it’s not something new for us,” the former Secretary of the Vendors Association told St Lucia Times.

However she pointed out that the difference now is that there is no certainty about when the Coronavirus threat will dissipate.

“We are hoping for the best,” Joseph told St Lucia Times.

She disclosed that some vendors had closed shop.

Nevertheless, she explained that they can never tell when they will get a sale.

“This morning we had a few tourists coming in. Some of the taxi drivers from the hotel took them on tour and part of the tour is the market – the Vendors Arcade. So we had a little something in between,” Joseph stated.

“You never know when you will get something, so instead of not coming at all I decided to come and close earlier,” she revealed.




  1. (Chooops) What fall out as if to say their was a robust moment it was alwaaaaaays a struggle I wish yu’ll the best. As far as I am concern that market needs to be close until further notice too many of yu’ll in a close confinement and yu’ll want who to visit ??? Yu’ll must be crazy, that market self is an incubator for the Corona, I rather buy off the streets. Yu’ll lock up and go home NOW !

    • yes daddy, where should I stick my foot while i’m at it? Is your too fes available? Everybody has their daily bread, I assume yours in the heights considering your name. I guess you should have the hotels closed down too since that’s where tourist spend a majority of their stay?!?! When things start getting worse in the country you be the same vermin to rob and steal for your livelihood.

      • U can’t read (as usual) I said I wish them all the best. The country is facing something of this magnitude that could have an adverse effect on all of us EVEN ME. If you were well read you would have heard of the non promotions of mass gatherings, (even Popei and the Queen went into hiding) that’s why our schools are closed to prevent the spread of the virus. So why the hell assjack would you want the market to remain open to put St Lucians at risk ?? Just for a few dollars ?? This is what’s happening with this government why we are screwed right now it’s all about the mighty $$$$$$ their risk assessment aligns with their motto of more cronyism and Nepotism. Money can’t buy life, this should be a teachable moment for government officials of this country don’t put all your eggs in one basket. PS. The hurricane season is not far off may God forbit………….

  2. Alot of y’all vendors fail to realize what going on because of money.when things will get worst y’all will have a lesson to learn.yall are very easy to get that virus cause a lot of y’all hard headed.

  3. Are we St. Lucians MAD. Do you think it is worth getting a DEADLY VIRUS over a daily bread ? When you catch it, who will eat that bread. And to make it worse, by the time you start suffering, how many of your loved ones will you put in harm’s way because you made a bad decision? Please, God giveth and he taketh. People let us be safe than sorry. You will not starve to death. Let us quarantine ourselves . If there is one person that you care about, do it for them. Let’s love each other and help each other realize how dangerous this thing is.i too made a daily bread through tourism. But my life is more important. The love of God from my heart to everyone reading this. We were once a praying nation, let us get back to how we were. God doesn’t stop a fool from jumping off a cliff.

  4. Ah the money factor,its all very sad,this is goin to brake many,and its going to mark us all,I hope we dont have to pay a high price in lives.

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