Castries Vision 2030 Consultations End

Press Release:- The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) handed over the official Castries Vision 2030 report to the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Hon. Allen Chastanet, on April 25.

The objective of the Castries Vision 2030 was to review the 2008 National Vision Plan for Castries in a collaborative effort chaired by the Government of Saint Lucia through the National Integrated Planning and Programme Unit (NIPP), the UNOPS, and with support from the Office of the Mayor of Castries.

Consultations on the Castries Vision 2030 report began in 2018.

A key component of the plan is road infrastructure. The vision proposes to establish a new road hierarchy with highways outside of the city region, urban avenues inside the city region and a north-south link corridor to bypass the city. A network of park and rides is proposed at Choc, Cul De Sac, as well as around the inner city.

For implementation, a roadmap which includes evidence-based planning, monitoring and review, must be adopted. Once endorsed by Cabinet, the Castries Vision 2030 would override the 2008 National Vision Plan for Castries.


  1. I like the park and ride idea.
    And the new road networks, makes sense to me.
    Bus terminals should be established on the city outskirts.
    Also city parking could be established UNDER those the newer city buildings – paid parking of course. The city has to make some $$$.
    Is the George V Park dead? Or should it be revamped? Good for discussion.
    Let’s see what happens … Castries needs more than a shot in the arm; it is in dire need of a new heartbeat.

  2. WHO is paying for all this? by 2030 you may not want to spend a Dime on Castries. Most of Castries
    is either at Sea level or just a few inches above, and at the rate of Global Warming, you just have to
    look at Cities battered with flood levels all over the world. We are just a small rock sticking our heads
    above water, just to stay alive. Most Coastal Cities, Towns and Villages are vulnerable to flooding during
    patterns of Seasonal changes. It is nice to romanticize about the good fortunes of today, but wake up
    to the reality of what’s ahead. How surprised would you be to wake up one day to see Derek Walcott Square
    under water and the water level half way up the big Massav tree. Sorry for the bad news guys but it’s reality.

  3. I strongly believe THE FOX should go suck **** *** ***WITH A STRAW ……
    this would allow jobs for the future of our children to whichever one of them who so desire to work there our island has numerous of historical site attractions so why not add some more to it our ECONOMY IS BASED ON TOURISM do not forget that we get rides and parks in every country we travel to be it big or small some of us make PLANS FOR MONTHS to go to those countries so that we can experience and enjoy those types of recreations WE need to stop thinking that just because SAINT LUCIA is a tiny island on a map that we should stay tiny with our thinking.

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