Monday, February 24, 2020
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Re: The Fer de Lance

THE EDITOR There are those who are hellbent on the preservation of that deadly snake—the FER-DE-LANCE. That venomous viper is not indigenous to St. Lucia, it was imported into the island...
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Obstinacy In Governance

My patriotism fires up whatever little energy there is in my slender skeletal frame to address a very disturbing and ridiculous issue. It boggles the mind how an impoverished country...

CARIFESTA And Indo-Caribbean Culture

The Editor, The Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA) in Trinidad and Tobago has come and US$6. million have gone. A post mortem has to be done. With respect to Indo-Caribbean culture in...

Get Serious About Sports!

Dear Editor, Parents are asked all the time to support their children in their extra-curricular activities, particularly in their sporting activities.  I supported my children’s activities in sports and I’m...
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Our Airline – Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, The recent call that was made to encourage four Caribbean countries to purchase shares in LIAT  is good and timely. The four, Grenada. Guyana, St... Kitts-Nevis and St. Lucia...
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Love Speaks

Dear Editor, A few days ago we were virtually  inundated with red and white outfits that portray Valentine Day. But love is not seasonal because it is divinely expressed in this...
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The People Of Taiwan Will Remain Masters Of Their Own Fate

Last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed to Taiwan in his speech a “one country, two systems” model seen in Hong Kong for China’s eventual unification. The President of...
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Rebuild West Indies Cricket Team

Dear Editor, This article is intended to prompt us to view West Indian players development from  another angle. Too much talk and too little action on the ground is not the answer.. We...
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What’s Happening With Sandals La Source?

Dear Editor, Recently I wrote to you concerning this issue between the Landings and Sandals, and I cautioned then that if this matter was not resolved, then the country ran...

Non-issue over withholding taxes

By Frank Solomon: I have watched this matter involved Withholding Tax assessments on Sandals play out for several months now, and the only thing that is becoming very clear...