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Rebuild West Indies Cricket Team

Dear Editor, This article is intended to prompt us to view West Indian players development from  another angle. Too much talk and too little action on the ground is not the answer.. We...
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What’s Happening With Sandals La Source?

Dear Editor, Recently I wrote to you concerning this issue between the Landings and Sandals, and I cautioned then that if this matter was not resolved, then the country ran...
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I read with interest a letter to the Editor, The Voice of 10th June, 2017, proposing a separate Trust to manage the Walcott House. It is true in the large...

Help wanted in locating an old friend

Good afternoon, This is going to sound weird and I have limited information. My name is David Freeman I am from Richmond Virginia and am 36 years old when I...
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An open letter to Sandals

Dear Butch, Hi. I’m Mike and I just want to say sorry. I watch all my fellow brothers and sisters in the Caribbean, who just seem to love hating on...

Non-issue over withholding taxes

By Frank Solomon: I have watched this matter involved Withholding Tax assessments on Sandals play out for several months now, and the only thing that is becoming very clear...
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SLNT responds to ‘758 Patriot’

Dear Patriot, Your questions are legitimate and balanced except for the last point about political hijacking.  If you look at the Saint Lucia National Trust Act (available on our website...
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Conservation and development with reference to Maria Islands

By Dr.  Edsel Edmunds: I have been reading with great interest and concern reports surrounding certain developments in St Lucia, which according to various persons, would endanger our indigenous...

Climate change seminar eyes transport sector

GIS: Discussions Included A Varuety of Topics, Including Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. The Department of Sustainable Development, through the Renewable Energy Division (REDiv), in collaboration with the Department of Transport...
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“Advocacy For” – the positive use of language to achieve positive goals

“Advocacy For” is the positive use of language to achieve positive goals. It is measured by the frequency of positive affirmations, the infrequency of negatives. As simple as that...