Thursday, January 23, 2020

Letters to the Editor

Climate change seminar eyes transport sector

GIS: Discussions Included A Varuety of Topics, Including Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. The Department of Sustainable Development, through the Renewable Energy Division (REDiv), in collaboration with the Department of Transport...
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Former Diplomat urges change to ‘opposition’ label

Dear Editor, I read with great interest your article/report on the International Associations of Parliamentarians for Peace. Whereas I applaud the intent and aspirations of this Association, I have felt for a long...
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“Advocacy For” – the positive use of language to achieve positive goals

“Advocacy For” is the positive use of language to achieve positive goals. It is measured by the frequency of positive affirmations, the infrequency of negatives. As simple as that...
letters to the editor

Bishnu Tulsie vs Allen Chastanet

Dear Mr. Editor, Over the past few days our country has been abuzz with discussions as it pertains to the Saint Lucia National Trust and the Government of Saint Lucia’s...
letters to the editor

With appreciation

Dear Editor, I thought I should take time off to thank you for your daily release of news, local, regional and international which I look forward to reading every day. The...
letters to the editor

SLNT responds to ‘758 Patriot’

The Saint Lucia National Trust sent a response to your second letter directly to your Facebook page on March 3rd. However, to our surprise the response which was placed...
letters to the editor

Response to ‘758 Patriot’

Dear “758 Patriot”: I would like to respond to the questions posed in your Letter to the Editor today. 1) Is a Government subvention supposed to be forever, especially when an...

Pastors using Pulpit to campaign

Sir,  I wish to voice my disgust with the manner in which some so called holy men of God use their pulpit as a forum to influence their members into...

A Response to Dr Augier’s Economic Warning: “We are in trouble!”

Article by Alvin Ernest: Bravo Mr Augier! Finally someone with original thought on Caribbean economics, and a focus on the real “truth” of improving life for St Lucians. Such...
explosion at cul de sac rayneau

National Students’ Council expresses remorse for unfortunate results of explosion

The national student council expresses its condolences to the families, parents and coworkers of the victims of Tuesday's tragedy. We hope for speedy recoveries for the many injured and...