Sunday, January 26, 2020

Letters to the Editor

A Response to Dr Augier’s Economic Warning: “We are in trouble!”

Article by Alvin Ernest: Bravo Mr Augier! Finally someone with original thought on Caribbean economics, and a focus on the real “truth” of improving life for St Lucians. Such...
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An open letter to Sandals

Dear Butch, Hi. I’m Mike and I just want to say sorry. I watch all my fellow brothers and sisters in the Caribbean, who just seem to love hating on...

Help wanted in locating an old friend

Good afternoon, This is going to sound weird and I have limited information. My name is David Freeman I am from Richmond Virginia and am 36 years old when I...
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“Advocacy For” – the positive use of language to achieve positive goals

“Advocacy For” is the positive use of language to achieve positive goals. It is measured by the frequency of positive affirmations, the infrequency of negatives. As simple as that...
explosion at cul de sac rayneau

National Students’ Council expresses remorse for unfortunate results of explosion

The national student council expresses its condolences to the families, parents and coworkers of the victims of Tuesday's tragedy. We hope for speedy recoveries for the many injured and...
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With appreciation

Dear Editor, I thought I should take time off to thank you for your daily release of news, local, regional and international which I look forward to reading every day. The...

Polling Ethics: An Open Letter to Peter Wickham

Peter, it's time to stop hiding. For years, you've hopped from island to island and 'prognosticated' about who is going to win an election. In some cases, you've had an...

Stop using indecent language!

Dear Sir, How would you feel if someone were to tell you, "Look! I see rotten vegetables and fish coming out of your mouth!" Most likely you will get highly upset, or very angry...

Corporal Punishment – Is It Proper?

Dear Editor. Corporal punishment is defined by one dictionary as "physical punishment, such as caning or flogging."  Merriam Webster Dictionary defines corporal punishment as "punishment that involves hitting someone." Corporal punishment...
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Love Speaks

Dear Editor, A few days ago we were virtually  inundated with red and white outfits that portray Valentine Day. But love is not seasonal because it is divinely expressed in this...