Saturday, January 19, 2019

Letters to the Editor


Stop using indecent language!

Dear Sir, How would you feel if someone were to tell you, "Look! I see rotten vegetables and fish coming out of your mouth!" Most likely you will get highly upset, or very angry...

Pastors using Pulpit to campaign

Sir,  I wish to voice my disgust with the manner in which some so called holy men of God use their pulpit as a forum to influence their members into...

Polling Ethics: An Open Letter to Peter Wickham

Peter, it's time to stop hiding. For years, you've hopped from island to island and 'prognosticated' about who is going to win an election. In some cases, you've had an...

We are not persuaded Jeannine

I am deeply troubled by Jeannine Compton-Antoine’s eleventh-hour revelations, where she accuses a fellow UWP colleague of sexually harassing her on government property. Women have a hard enough time being...