Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Concern Over ‘Money Making’ Churches In Saint Lucia

The Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Church in Saint Lucia, Seth Ampadu, has expressed concern about 'money making' churches that have appeared here overnight. "I am very concerned," Ampadu told...

Concern In T&T Over Unregistered Churches

There's concern in Trinidad and Tobago over 'overnight' churches that are not registered with the Ministry of Legal Affairs. The Trinidad Express reports that a lot of the churches are owned...

Fake Colombian Priest Exposed After 18 Years

A fake Colombian priest who was hearing confessions and celebrating weddings, was exposed just before Christmas, according to church officials in Spain. The diocese in Spain where he was preaching...

Pope Urges People In Developed Countries To Be Less Materialistic

Pope Francis has called on people in developed countries to live a simpler and less materialistic life, the BBC has reported. According to the BBC, he also condemned the huge...
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Pope Francis tells clerics who abuse minors to hand themselves in

Rome (CNN): Pope Francis has told those who abuse minors to hand themselves in to civil justice authorities and "prepare for divine justice," in his strongest words to date...

Nigerian Bishops Warn Priests Against Partisan Politics

Nigeria’s Catholic Bishops have directed priests and people of consecrated life not to be involved in active partisan politics, it has been reported. According to Vatican News, the directive includes...

US Catholic Priest Shames Teen Who Committed Suicide

Parents of a teenage boy who took his own life have complained after their Catholic priest criticised him at the funeral for killing himself, the BBC has reported. According to...

‘Bachelor’ Urges ‘Mutual And Equal Respect’ Among Religious Groups

Cultural Activist and Calypsonian Jason 'Bachelor' Joseph, asserting that Christianity tends to dominate the religious landscape locally, has declared that rather than force religious beliefs on anyone, there should...

Pope Says Gay Trend Influencing Catholic Clergy

Pope Francis  has expressed concern about  the "serious issue" of homosexuality, asserting Saturday that being gay was a "fashion" to which the clergy is susceptible. The Pope was quoted by...

Saint Lucia Mission of SDA Convenes 5th Quadrennial Mission Session

Press Release:-  The Saint Lucia Mission of Seventh Day Adventists – (SDA), will convenes its fifth Quadrennial Mission Session November 21 – 23, 2018, at the L'Abayee SDA Church under...