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Catherine Sealys Blasts Authorities After Fatal Shooting of Her Nephew

Catherine Sealys, the President of the advocacy group Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia, has taken the authorities to task following the fatal shooting of her nephew, D’Andre Phillip.

Phillip’s bullet riddled body was discovered at Cedars, Castries, on Sunday morning.

“This is my nephew and what I want to say is while I believe that the police cannot be everywhere, I do believe that the problem of robberies and crime in this area has been well documented,” Catherine Sealys told St Lucia Times.

She observed that Castries Central MP, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun and Castries North MP, Stephenson King both have a petition on their desks signed by the residents, asserting that people are hiding near the St Joseph’s Convent court.

“They run out and they rob people,” Sealys disclosed.

“This is not a unique incident. This is something that is happening every time,” she explained.

The Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia President said it was unfortunate that her nephew was in the area and died.

“We say to them, while they can find money to do everything – they cannot find money to solve crime and they cannot find money to put cameras so that they can solve crime?”

“They’re not interested,” Sealys lamented.

“Let me tell them something. This is going to be the murder that they will solve. So, Hermangild Francis, Stephenson King and Sarah Flood-Beaubrun share responsibility for the area – they’d better start to mobilise because this not going to be ‘That is the next person who has died’ and then we forget him. It is not going to be that way,” she asserted.

Sealys said people are allowed to die in Saint Lucia because parliamentarians, public servants and legislators refuse to do their jobs.

Sealys recalled that there have been numerous complaints from he Cedars commuity that the area is a crime nest.

“They refused to do what they had to do about it so we are here today dealing with this. Do not call me and tell me ‘Accept my sympathies’. We don’t accept your sympathy,” an obviously upset Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia President stated.

She said what the family wants is the person who killed her nephew.

Sealys noted that her organisation advocates against crime all the time.

But she told St Lucia Times that when that happens, Saint Lucians sit back and accuse her of being political.

“They say the woman is miserable – until it hits home and they have to deal with it. Well,we are dealing with it and we are dealing with it in our way and we are saying that the powers that be will do their job and they will do it properly.”

“Do not tell us  ‘Let him rest in peace’. This was a 23 year old – he should be alive. Do not tell us that. What we want is for them to do their job to find out who has killed him,” Sealys asserted.

She revealed that the family is hearing nothing regarding the fatal shooting except that her nephew was out and was on his way home.

“We don’t know what happened and we anticipate that during the week the police will tell us,” Catherine Sealys told St Lucia Times.


  1. Catherine, don’t be angry, Kenny could not solve The crime situation and chasChast promised to solve it. He is making us safe now. He is sending our nation 6 feet deep now.
    Bravo Chas!

  2. If you know so much about an area, why didn’t you instruct your nephew not to roam the area at a certain time. Stop the politics, stop the blame game. My area is a war zone i find myself indoors early , there are young men committing robbery in my area too i will not dare blame anyone if anything happens to me or members of my family.

    • That is the most ignorant thing a person could say! So u mean to tell me that if an area have a known high crime rate or something we should just stay indoors after dark instead of shed some much needed light on the situation???? Let me guess, you also agree that if a woman dressed scantily and is raped it is at least partially her fault??? This is the exact reason that these crimes are happening and flourishing. Ppl like u. Smdh

    • So u’re telling me because other people don’t want to find a job, I’m supposed to stay in doors at nights?! Who knows where he was coming from it could’ve been work or anything
      Adele u HV the same kind of mentality our politicians HV which is why TGE COUNTRY IS GOING NO WHERE. U’re dumb as a nutshell we’re suposupp to stay in like cowards instead of trying to resolve this n let it go on for decasde to come? U’re a fool clearly she didn’t pick any side wether red not Yellow if u can read to understand (which I doubt you even can) you’d notice residents of the community has signed petitions which means all they’re asking for is a little help, if they good enough to eat all people tax money they not good enough to at least install security cameras? U have a lazy mentality just like our politicians u know its quite ironic there was a little mentally challenged girl who lived next door from me with that same name I’ll just assume u’re mentally challenged as well
      Everywhere gas prices going down here alone it going up what they doing with the extra money they cannot afford to HV something similar to city police or at least cameras in the area?

  3. A bunch of nonsense, talking crap which government can solve crime? Some of us cannot rule our homes and we want to impose on government. A bunch of jokers in a pack of cards.

    • I usually speak out against public figures who are unfit for their high profile positions. I refrain from denouncing members of the public as they are entitled to their opinions. Tonight, I feel compelled to break with this practice after reading the most moronic, brainless, idiotic statements made by one Adel. This person has lost touch with common sense. Is there a curfew in specific areas of St. Lucia so people should not walk those areas after or before certain hours? Only a person who is dead from the neck up would utter such unadulterated nonsense. I sincerely hope that there are not too many more imbeciles like you around. Educate yourself and amend your ways. Stop showing your utter ignorance and exposing yourself as a nincompoop.

      • If you love yourself and your love ones you take whatever measure necessary to keep them safe. Adel has said nothing wrong. For me even if it means a curfew to save my self and my children I would do just that. One thing for sure every man will come with promises when they want to win elections but the truth they will not tell you is that they are all helpless when it come to preventing crime. I know only one person that can do that but it requires the effort of us all, that is the Lord Jesus Christ, we need to pray and try and bring Jesus to our land.

  4. AA, Catherine, only as uwp come in power they start robbing people in that area? When SLP was there they were not robbing people there? To me when slp was there you were not making noise.

  5. When you dere on tv and radio playing politics your nephew was playing with guns and smoking weed liming on the block being part of the gang isstead of nurturing your nephew to be a good citizen you were playing politics well it’s on your door steps deal with it

  6. He was a good boy, he was a good boy. This is retribution. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Why didn’t Sealys call for the police to do their job? It’s because she has an agenda. While I do not condone violence this may have been a deal gone bad.

  7. You do not know what happened to your nephew. But you are anticipating the police who was not around will tell you! Wow !!
    I’m sure that you and other family members including mommy have a pretty good idea what he was doing in that particular area.
    Strangely it’s the VERY thing you are calling on the government & police to stop in that place “CRIME”.
    STOP the hipocrisy you know he was no angel.

  8. Hahahaha. responding to others ppl’s opinions helps a alot guys. We should join her n support her because it might just reach home. Until it reaches at your house you will not get her point. Too many dying for nothing or for nonsense. Stop the violence now!!!!!!

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