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Updated on May 27, 2020 6:16 pm
Updated on May 27, 2020 6:16 pm
Updated on May 27, 2020 6:16 pm

CCC Official Blasts Claude Paul’s ‘Attack Dog’ Approach

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Castries Constituency Council (CCC), asserting that he has been in the trade union movement long before the General Secretary of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA), Claude Paul, has criticised what was described as Paul’s ‘attack dog approach’ in recent remarks about the CCC.

Paul was critical last week of the CCC over late-payment of CCC monthly paid workers.

CCC CEO, Wilfred Pierre, told a news conference Tuesday that he was surprised and taken aback by Paul’s attack dog approach.

“I am not saying that ‘Popie’ is a dog you know,” Pierre made clear.

Wilfred Pierre

“The attack dog approach that Mr. Claude Paul is actually using – I mean,when you are dealing with trade unions and employees and employers, you have to assess the situation first. You have to ask yourself ‘Well, is there a situation – especially as it relates to lateness of pay’,” the CEO told reporters.

“Is that a common situation? Does the organisation bend backwards to assist their members? Do they give for example, loans or advances? You take all of that into consideration before you make a decision,” Pierre asserted.

He declared that the CSA General Secretary has an attack dog approach that he uses in every situation.

According to Pierre, Claude ‘Popie’ Paul needs to understand that there are very different types of management.

He explained that one of the styles used by most trade unions is the contingency style where each situation is examined, assessed and then approached differently.

“So you have a situation here where two years – I used to be the General Secretary before ‘Popie’ you know, representing these same members that he talks about. We never had that issue as it relates to pay – lateness of pay.”

Pierre disclosed that he has a list of advances that persons have asked for.

“We don’t necessarily have to be giving staff advances. Every day you get situations that staff have – somebody is sick, they need an advance. We do it. There is never a time when we don’t do it. So for ‘Popie’ now to use a situation where I explained to him you know ‘Yes we have a situation, we don’t have a specific day of paying like government where you have a legitimate expectation because government says you pay on the 25th of the month.'”

Pierre said he explained to the CSA General Secretary that there was need to set the pay day and Paul agreed.

“But the next day he comes back again and accusing the CCC of a lot things – that we cannot pay; he knows that we approached a financial institution; they’re not going to give us the money and a whole set of lies,” an obviously incensed CEO told reporters.

He asserted that Claude Paul is not in a position to tell the CCC how to run its business.

According to Pierre, who is a trustee of the CSA, the CSA General Secretary is becoming very reckless.

He made the accusation in relation to statements made by Paul about the Saint Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC),  statements which Pierre declared were in contravention of section 392 dealing with matters that are before a tribunal.




  1. Hmm I think Mr.Pierre no longer has the members of the CSA interest at heart now that he has his big title. Very similar to Ms. Mary Isaac who actually had a very “attack minded” managerial style but now as a minister says don’t bite the hand that feeds you. He should be removed as a Trustee immediately

  2. Wilfred as as a supporter of Chastanet I don’t expect you to be in favor of the line staff. You and Mary Isaac are not sure of you all standing.
    Claude continue helping St Lucians.

  3. Not paying people on time is irresponsible and just wrong. Wilfred Pierre, with his facially challenged self, throwing shades at Mr. Paul for looking out for the best interest of the struggling working class of people. Mr. Pierre, sits on his high horse, gets his fat monthly salary, while employees of the CCC who live from paycheck to paycheck are denied their meager monthly wages on time. Why do you think they have to take advances? They can’t even save anything for a wet day. They just live to pay bills. Mr. Pierre, your reasons for not paying the employees are pathetic at best. You seem like a square peg in a round hole. You are just another incompetent, useless political appointee. Not blood but cold water runs through you veins and arteries. Your heart is as cold as ice. Just pay the workers their money on time. They have their families to feed, bills to pay and dome have monthly and weekly commitments with financial institutions.

  4. I’m not surprised by Pierre’s action and use of words;we mustn’t forget the exact words of the prime minister .”The barking dogs statement”. Now the shoes are on the other feet for Pierre,so he’s singing from another song book.His actions are a true reflection of him,he never had the worker’s at đź’“, likewise Mary Isaac,their actions by attacking the last administration was more less for self gain and nothing else.The Health institutions are an eye sore all over the country and not a word from her. Mr Claude Paul, I urge you to continue pyling the pressure ,
    to ensure that worker’s rights are not circumvent at all.They need to get their act together and pay worker’s on time.Is it fair for one set to get paid on time and the others literally have to beg for what they’ve work for.God has a special way of dealing with these kind of individuals and people must never feel sorry for them when they are seen in certain conditions.

  5. Please remove Mr. Pierre from his position as CSA Trustee or CEO of CCC as there is a major conflict of interest. Mr. Pierre cannot be CEO of CCC and represent the interest of the CCC workers (in his capacity as a CSA Trustee) at the same time!
    So Mr. Pierre please do the honourable thing and resign as CEO of CCC to prove that you are a better trade unionist then Claude Paul! Resign within 30 days Mr. Pierre before your toxic leadership style begins to infect the CCC like it did to the CSA when you were General Secretary. Save us Mr. Peterson Francis from this obnoxious man who you have appointed as CEO.

  6. Here we go again playing politics with a simple bread and butter issue. The CCC workers were not paid on time. Their union rep spoke on their behalf. Mr Pierre should have spent time as the CEO to iron out his workers & members (note the conflict) salary instead of beating his chest “I was GS before you popie”. Further piggy, as a professional you need to refer to people especially when addressing them in your professional capacity as CEO by their title.
    Where is the dog attack approach in that? You piggy go get your hards dirty and start doing your work before you get butchered by the workers. They need to eat ham too for christmas.

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