Wednesday, November 13, 2019

CCC proposes new plan for city vending

The Castries Constituency Council is set to unveil a new plan for vending in the city.

According to Mayor Peterson Francis the plan calls for the removal of all metal stalls on city sidewalks and a new policy restricting stalls from being left on the roadside overnight.

The Mayor said the council was implementing a uniformed plan to make Castries clean and attractive.

The iron stalls, he said, pose a danger to the public.

“So you will come in the morning, set up your thing, you are leaving and you will go with your stuff, Mayor Francis stated. “The city must look like a city,” he said.

The CCC plans to hold a meeting with city vendors to apprise them of the new plans ahead of its implementation.

Another measure which the CCC hopes will improve the attractiveness of the city is the implementation of parking meters.

The Mayor revealed that the meters had already been ordered and would be arriving on island soon. He said the meter installation exercise will be preceded by a public sensitization campaign.


  1. First of all, Castries is no city, secondly, those metal stall or what you call them were an eye sore and took most of the sidewalk so people could hardly walk by. There needs to be stringent plans but then again, as soon as the government changes, everything goes haywire.
    The homeless people who are allowed to sleep under the business places such as Blue Coral and defecate on themselves leaving a stench behind for passersby to inhale on their way to work every morning. These are things that CCC need to address if you want to do something to clean up this place. These are some of the reasons why the tourist are reluctant to get off the cruise ships.

    • How are you going to stop them . Mandatory hose down??? Come on. Be real. There’s only so much the Government can do. (Words deleted)

    • St. Lucia Times is a UWP sponsored propaganda machine.
      I stopped someone who was thinking about advertising with them go somewhere else.
      Bias and want to block anyone who doesn’t say yes to Allen Chastanet and his goons.
      Say I Lie!

      • So what you say about St.Lucia News Online now.
        Go create your own online news paper then.

      • ‘Yes’ and ‘Poor People Fed up’, quit displaying your ignorance here and support progress. You are the reason St. Lucia keeps slipping away.
        Mayor, hats off to u for your efforts.
        For too long now Castries has looked like a dump, we welcome the progress.

      • Heavy rains remind us of challenges in life.
        Never ask for a lighter rain, just pray to God for a better umbrella. – That is the attitude!

  2. St. Lucia Times is a UWP sponsored propaganda machine.
    I stopped someone who was thinking about advertising with them go somewhere else.
    Bias and want to block anyone who doesn’t say yes to Allen Chastanet and his goons.
    Say I Lie!!

  3. Parking meters? Why exactly? You know it makes it that much more expensive to come to Castries. And with the filth and crime, why should I go to do business there if I have a choice. Anyways, within a few weeks none of them will work. Govt always implements and never set aside money for maintenance.

  4. Yes he’s working to keep the uwps from eating a bread they has been castize victimise and distroy by him and the slps he hired at the CCC I must added they are working very hard for one term keep it up

  5. Castries has suffered for years because of a lack of a coherent long turn plan. Standards are following generally in St.Lucia with adhocism and mediocrity accepted and tolerated everywhere. We can do better!

  6. Finally. Someone is doing something ….great idea major….for the past decades ,all the other majors were just lame duck ….doing nothing…st.lucia belongs to all of us ,it’s high time we put back law and order … continue with the work major 100 percent supporting you ….

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