CCC Steps Up Campaign Against Urination In Public

The Castries Constituency Council (CCC) is stepping up its campaign against persons who urinate in public.

A CCC official told St Lucia Times that the council has started placing signs in various parts of the capital, alerting people not to relieve themselves in public.

The first signs were erected Tuesday.

The campaign against public urination is part of efforts by Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, to keep the City clean and safe.

Some thirty individuals have been arrested by the City Police in recent months for indecent exposure as a result of urinating in public in the capital,according to the CCC.

The City Police have identified Carl Crescent Street near the Soufriere bus stand and near the old LIAT building on Brazil Street as being among areas frequented by persons to relieve themselves in public.

Last month, City Cops issued a warning to persons who patronise bars that do not have urinals against urinating in a public place.

The law enforcement officials assert that there are sufficient public restrooms available in various parts of Castries.



  1. An up hill battle that they will never win. People will look over their shoulders but they will still do it. Carnival just now good luck. The masses out numbers the police.

  2. The oild LIAT building is my favourite place to pee and no salop sign is going to stop me. Take that CCC.

    • You piece of **** you are a DISGUSTING human being you should know better than to relieve yourself in a public place, you should be ashamed of your self to do something like that to my BEAUTIFUL ISLAND OF ST.LUCIA. I do hope that they get you and throw you SORRY *** IN JAIL FOR LIFE. guess what you are the SALOP, PIECE OF ****.

  3. I do not have an issue with this, if authorities can provide the necessary facilities, at the right places and numbers to accommodate people when they want to relieve themselves. Emergencies do happen sometimes

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