Saturday, February 29, 2020

CCC under fire after 87 year old injured in sidewalk fall

The Castries Constituency Council (CCC) has come under fire from vendors in the Castries Vendors Arcade,  who said an 87 year old Arundel Hill resident slipped and fell Wednesday morning on a strip of metal covering a drain outside the arcade.

The man, who sustained injuries including a suspected broken nose, was identified as Oliver Henry.

He was taken to Victoria Hospital via ambulance.

An eyewitness told St Lucia Times that the incident occurred about 10.00 AM.

“The gentleman was walking on the sidewalk there and his stick slide on the piece of iron thing there and he fall straight down on his face,” the eyewitness recalled.

“I don’t know what happened to his nose – it was just bleeding, bleeding and it not stopping.”

The eyewitness told St Lucia Times that the senior citizen also sustained a cut to both of his hands.

She disclosed that from where she sells in the Vendors Arcade, she has seen a lot of people fall on the sidewalk.

“Their slippers bursting, their shoes bursting – I have to give them crazy glue to stick their shoes. A white woman fall right there and burst her knee open. She took a taxi and went straight back to the boat one afternoon.”

The eyewitness explained that the metal strip appears to be the problem, especially when it rains.

Another vendor told St Lucia Times that three months ago she fell in the same area and hurt her knees.

Yet another reported bruising her hands after she fell on the sidewalk last year.

“I call the Manager – the Manager tell me he cannot do nothing.”

She said she could not report to work for days as a result of the injuries she sustained.

A relative of the 87 year old who was injured Wednesday morning told St Lucia Times of plans to seek compensation from the CCC for the man’s injuries.

In May this year, Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis disclosed that the CCC had, up to that time,  paid out an estimated $20,000 in claims to persons who sustained injuries due to similar incidents in the capital.

Francis said at the time that the majority of the claims predated his administration.




  1. I thought that nonsense construction was all replaced with something sensible. This should be a priority Mr. Mayor!

  2. I do not believe these vendor reported the apparent hazard to anyone. Now the incident happen they are making noise. Hope the guy is ok.

  3. These metal strips actually cover a storm drain and are there for easy access for cleaning. They should just be barred so people don’t walk on them. Changing it to concrete might create a big problem for cleaning. Just saying.

    • That absolute nonsense your just saying. This kind of thinking is why mediocrity rules in this place. Bare people from waking on a sidewalk instead of using your brain to come up with a solution……

  4. Telling the truth please do not blame it on the vendirs. I am certain that they spoke to someone. In addition the CCC should also create a mechanism for them to report incidents in a collaborative manner. WE all need each other.

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