CCC Urges ‘Defiant’ Vendors To Accept Change For The Better

Press Release:- The Office of the Mayor and Castries Constituency Council (CCC), is appalled at the actions of a few “Sidewalk City Vendors” who continue to defy relocation plans for the Castries Market Redevelopment Programme.

 The CCC wishes to inform the general public that although these individuals are not full-time registered vendors, every effort has been made by the Office of the Mayor to provide them stipends and relocation support.

 These vendors have rejected the support and insist on vending along pedestrian sidewalks with improper storage, potable water and other amenities important for the sale and handling of food items.

 Castries Mayor Peterson D. Francis  has encouraged the defiant vendors to rise to the occasion and welcome the change which will ultimately improve their business and standard of living.

 The Office of the Mayor and Castries Constituency Council will continue to work with the vendors while enforcing the new rules.


  1. These are the same people who went on political rally’s all over the island on a free ride on mini buses chanting yo pare ,mhwen fache with a plastic glass of rum and bar be que chicken

  2. The mayor reported that he was appalled by the actions of a few “sidewalk vendors.” The mayor should not be appalled at all because only last week a high court judge described the mayor’s conduct as oppressive, high-handed, reprehensible, arrogant, domineering and an abuse of power. The high court judge branded the mayor as one who practices harassment and intimidation. ( Source: oecs court of appeal judgements). The mayor must, of necessity come down from his high horse and begin to treat poor people with a little more respect and dignity. I applaud the mayor’s efforts at attempting to right the wrongs that have gone unchecked for far too long, but I would like him to do so with a little more regard and concern for the plight of the deprived and dispossessed.

    • So let them vend wherever they want. Put up trays in any location despite hazards to the thousands who use the sidewalks daily. Build sheds in every corner of the city despite not doing so to code and creating security and fire hazards. You people in this country are amazing. The fault of the authorities for letting “poor people” get away with anything just because they are poor. What if poor people want to start killing rich people. Just let them do it as well because they are “poor people”. Geez

      • You can’t win any way with people like that…if you help them they will find all reasons to criticize (as is the case now). If you don’t help them then you are uncaring, selfish and oppressive. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t! Sadly, this is the MO of many Saint Lucians…oppose and resist at all costs, even when they will benefit. #Sigh

  3. Leave the Vendors Alone… Those Vendors are Not Troubling Anybody… Thanks… God Bless Us All…!!!

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