CCSS Students In Martinique For Banaré Games

Eighteen students and four teachers from the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School (CCSS) are currently in Martinique for the 2nd Bi-Annual Banaré Games.
It’s the second time that the CCSS has accepted an invitation to take part in the Inter-College Amerindian Games which began Wednesday.
The school placed 2nd at the 1st games held in 2017.
The Saint Lucia delegation is expected back home on Sunday.
CCSS Principal, Marva Daniel, told St Lucia Times that the Martinique games were organised by a cultural group on the French-speaking Island.

CCSS students on their way to Martinique Wednesday

“All the Caribbean countries where Amerindians live and are still able to show some kind of affinity to the Amerindian culture are included in this activity,” Daniel said.
She disclosed that the CCSS was the only learning institution from Saint Lucia invited to the event.
The Principal explained that in Martinique, the local students, from forms 2 to 4, are taught the different Amerindian games and compete in them.
“It’s a very interesting activity both for the students and the teachers of our school,” Daniel told St Lucia Times.
“It is not only for students in the Modern Languages Department but also Social Sciences because a lot of history is involved,” Daniel stated.


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