CDC Raises Monkeypox Alert Level, Recommends Masks During Travel

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On Monday, the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) upped its monkeypox alert level to 2, recommending that travellers wear masks.

As of June 3, the United States had recorded 21 monkeypox cases connected to the current outbreak.

The CDC’s official website disclosed that monkeypox cases had occurred in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

” Some cases were reported among men who have sex with men. Some cases were also reported in people who live in the same household as an infected person,” the CDC said.

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It advised against close contact with sick people, including those with skin lesions or genital lesions.

The CDS also advised against contact with dead or live wild animals, including rodents, monkeys, and apes.

In addition, it urged people to avoid eating or preparing meat from wild game or using products derived from wild animals from Africa.

Monkeypox symptoms begin as relatively flu-like but soon expand to the swelling of lymph nodes and a rash across the body and face. Ultimately, painful lesions form on rash areas, leaving severe scarring.

Nevertheless the  CDC said the monkeypox risk to the general public is low.

But it explained that people should seek medical care immediately if they develop new, unexplained skin rash (lesions on any part of the body), with or without fever and chills, and avoid contact with others.

” If possible, call ahead before going to a healthcare facility,” the U.S. agency said.

Monkeypox is fatal in as many as 1 to 11% of infected people, whereas prior vaccination against smallpox may protect against monkeypox, the CDC stated.

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  1. Ive only ever had one ID on here of which you know.

    There are other people with just enough logic to stop grabbing at every nonsensical article belched by the CDC and WHO…

    You guys need to wake up! And realize the foolishness they have had you on.

    Look at our VACCINATION rates… Explain the decline cases? More partying going on… wake up!

    • It look like the monkey pox escape your junk and just started floating around in the air. They’re not even trying to make it make sense anymore because they know the cult will lap it up.

  2. If you possessed such you would make a rational decision and stop bickering like a parrot.

    The mask are USELESS…Stand infront of an exhaust pipe with the mask until you suffocate.

    Do us that favor you one sided prick
    Think for your damn self… And recognize the tailspin of bullshit being spewed as SCIENCE..

    God help us all…. People like you are the reason theyre doing what they want with us…
    Grow a spine!!

      • Wow…You needed multiple ID’s/personalities/responses to make your point. Troll life is tough…

    • No Angel you just have a hard time understanding there are many people out there capable of something you are not: critical thinking and common sense. Now crawl back under the Sans Souci bridge where you below.

  3. The CDC is still mad that the supreme court overturned their covid mask mandate, so they have to come up with a new way to force it on people. They will never stop

      • if you looked at the CDC’s own data, it showed lockdowns, masks and the vaccine didn’t do much to prevent the spread of covid. You need uncommon-sense and wisdom in these perilous times we’re living in now.

  4. Those sal@ps who dig deep in other sal@ps backsides bring that to their families. Just as they brought aids to the rest of society.


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