Wednesday, December 11, 2019

CDP funds no longer for footpaths and drains

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says his government is reviewing the Constituency Development Program (CDP) so that money donated by the Government of Taiwan for community projects is used to generate economic progress.

The Taiwanese Government has provided USD$60 million in funding for the CDP, USD$12 million of which has already been spent.

Those funds have usually been allocated to constituency councils for projects aimed at alleviating poverty, such as the construction of drains and footpaths.

However the Prime Minister said he is moving away from the idea of funds being allocated to constituencies.

Instead he wants to spend the CDP funds on projects such as playing fields and village tourism.

“Given that we are still running a deficit, we have to make sure that we are using these funds in more meaningful ways in order to generate more economic progress and obviously to address some of the social problems that we have in our country,” Chastanet said.

Prime Minister Chastanet says the remaining USD$48 million will be reallocated to “nationwide projects”.

He said the bulk of the CDP funds that have been spent over the last year has gone towards paying for projects implanted by the previous SLP government prior to the 2016 general election.


  1. The master strikes again. Funds that are meant for poverty alleviation will now be diverted. Efforts at empowering communities and decentralization will now be curtailed. Of course, we all know that when the money is with the constituency councils it will not make its way into the accounts of Fresh Start as projects are awarded to persons within the communities. So the PM says leave it with the GUY. Just a Fresh Start.

    • Why are you being fooled, believing that making footpath and drains will alleviate poverty and empower a community through non sustainable jobs? It was to create jobs for the boys. This PM plan and intention is clearly stated that the money should be used to generate economic growth. To create sustainable jobs and empower those same poor people.

  2. What poverty aleviation? Just lots of corruption under the guise of projects. Kick backs, money to friends etc, and ill designed, poorly constructed, footpaths and nothing much to show for economic or social alleviation of poverty.

    • ‘Disappointed with KDA’ I think you should use your real name which is ‘Obsessed With KDA’. Everything people like you can analyze any issue with is KDA or SLP. You all behave like you all only know six letters of the alphabet: KDA and SLP. Its time that people like you graduate from the 43% with preschool education that the PM spoke about.

  3. Allen need to tell the truth about what was said to him by the Taiwanese Government. You can quote me on that.

    • You have said nothing to be quoted. If you have the facts make it available. I am wondering how you got it anyway.

  4. SMH.So we really wanna continue this thing where the funds are gvn to political friends to do mediocre infrastructure work outside the ministry. Don’t we realise our playing fields after yrs of neglect need upgrading? What is wrong with upgrading them to encourage young men to play sports or gv kids a proper place to recreate. Ppl what is wrong with dat?

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