Thursday, September 29, 2022

Celebrities Defend Sir Tom Moore Over Barbados Trip

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British celebrities are defending Captain Sir Tom Moore, who is currently battling COVID-19, after people criticised him on social media for a recent trip to Barbados.

Moore, 100, became a National Hero.

This after he raised more than £30 million for the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS).

The Queen knighted him in July.

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But his daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore, said on Twitter that  doctors had treated him for pneumonia over the past few weeks.

And last week the World War Two veteran tested positive for COVID-19.

In December, Moore went on a family holiday in Barbados after British Airways paid for his flight.

British broadcaster, political journalist and newspaper columnist, Julia Hartley-Brewer, was among those defending the trip.

“”I was stunned to see some trolls on social media saying: ‘Oh, if he didn’t go to Barbados!'” The Mirror quoted her as saying.

“He went on a lovely, warm, perfectly legal Caribbean holiday with his family, and I think that’s absolutely wonderful he did that and nothing whatsoever to do with his ailments now,” Hartley-Brewer asserted.

She expressed the view that the trolls need to ‘take a day off.’

“”He helped save Britain in WW2, his trolls shame Britain,” Television personality, Piers Morgan, tweeted.

For her part, Actress Denise Welch tweeted that Moore’s Barbados trip was legal.

” He’s 100. He’s allowed to do what he bloody well likes within the law,” she declared.

Headline photo caption: Captain Tom Moore

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