Cerebral Palsy Woman Sets Sail For Saint Lucia – Controls Boat With Help Of A Straw

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The Cerebral Palsy Association of Saint Lucia has praised the effort of a British woman with cerebral palsy who on Sunday set sail for this country from the Canary Islands as part of the ARC, 2020.

The Mail Online says 23-year old Natasha Lambert is making the 3,000 mile Atlantic crossing with her family on a 46ft Catamaran named Blown Away.

According to the online publication, a computer containing sensors allows Natasha to control the vessel by means of a straw mounted on a helmet.

By blowing into the straw or sipping on it the boat turns either left or right, while a switch inside the helmet can be flicked with her tongue if she wants to take control of the sails.

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“I think it’s really exciting and inspiring as well that this young lady has the support and even the right intervention to give her the ability to showcase her talent,” says Daria Robinson-Ernest, the President of the Cerebral Palsy Association of Saint Lucia.

“This just proves the countless abilities that children with special needs have once they are given the right intervention – the right support,” she told St Lucia Times.

Robinson-Ernest expressed the view that all special needs children in Saint Lucia can get the opportunity to really make their mark and showcase their ability.

“I think our parents here are really supportive of their children. However we really need the intervention and support from the government to put in place the right schooling programmes to give the children that extra support,” she explained.

“It will not happen with our traditional methods of learning. If they get the additional required support, our children can flourish and become contributing members of the society,” the association President asserted.

Natasha Lambert has already sailed the south coast of England, across the channel, and from Scotland to Ireland.

In an interview earlier this year with the BBC, she said she was excited about the trans-Atlantic sail to Saint Lucia.

She described being in control of a vessel as ‘superb.’


Headline photo caption: Natasha Lambert 

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