Chamber Executive Director Addresses ‘Price Gouging’ Claims

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The Executive Director of the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture has responded to consumer claims of price gouging by some business establishments, declaring that without the evidence, he could not debate any instance.

Brian Louisy spoke on Tuesday during Good Morning Saint Lucia on Hot 7 Television.

The private sector official told programme Host Shannon Lebourne that the business community he represents has no benefit and interest in price gouging.

“They have customers who are loyal. They have a duty and they demonstrated their commitment to that duty during COVID when businesses were closed. The supermarkets, the ti boutiques 

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were putting themselves and their staff at risk and opening up, not sure what’s happening with the pandemic – who’s infected, and they were serving and providing services,” Louisy observed.

“Why would they turn around now and be unfair to the people?” The Chamber Executive Director stated.

He expressed the view that the price changes have happened a lot, and the price increases have been occurring at a ‘fast and furious’ pace.

As a result, Louisy said people see prices change.

“And they are shocked – like a lot of us, and they think that there’s something untoward happening. But if we look at television, we look at the news, we would see globally that inflation has grown at its highest rate in the last 40 years in the US, in Canada, in Australia, in the UK, in Europe,” he told Good Morning Saint Lucia.

In addition, Louisy explained that the price increases are passed on to consumers.

“It’s really a case of push inflation and because we have a global economy we are feeling it fast and furious,” the Chamber Executive Director stated.

Headline photo: Brian Louisy (Stock image)

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  1. If only St Lucia was self sustaining with AGRICULTURE, together with SOLAR and WIND ENERGY as it’s first economy – probably, our predicament might not have been so bad!! We would be able to do for ourselves, see about ourselves, feed ourselves … our only price hike would be in flour (maybe), rice and sugar: agricultural staples.

    Hm, wishful thinking.

    But, our “leaders” are bent on tourism, and fossil fuel – time for WINDS OF CHANGE … then it wouldn’t be so bad. But, who am I?

  2. My vehicle insurance was raised by more than 25% with no reason. I have never submitted a claim nor have I had an accident with the vehicle. My only offence was stopping the insurance on another vehicle I previously owned.

  3. I am just tired of this Brian Louisy. This man has been in this position too long and it’s time for him to be replaced. Only empty talk from these officials nothing of comfort and solution. It is like they are so comfortable in the position, they do not want to act when seriousness comes along. Just excuses and defending the ones who are causing the pain to people nowadays. It is like saying ‘fight your own battles, do not come to me. See for yourself while the get their perks and fat salaries.

  4. lol dont you guys see what is goin on . when the governments of the world was giving covid relief you thought t was genuinely for free? they taking back their money by making us pay higher prices in this and that why do you think piere always telling people there is nothing he can do about the prices of gas

  5. Behold the whisperer cometh. Talking all manner of wickedness in defense of massy. Your mouth open wide now papa hypocrite

  6. Look you all can have all the meetings you all want it will not get better. Because the reality is that all of you in government and that includes the army of consultants etc. All of you are unable to make this Island independent on its own and are failing tremendously in that effort.
    Where you going to cushion the realistic price for items to meet the people needs you have to borrow somehow to pay it back you have to take loans from some place to pay it back. If you want to say this is smartness then you all just shoot you all self in the foot. Campton did it with Green Gold and the dumb goats believe it was all dandy and nice, Kenny did it with tourism.. so where are we going? I firmly believe with all the grants, EU, CDB, Taiwanese & China give this county collectively. Agriculture should have been the main stream of things. But look at the hard facts, Marketing board fails, fisheries fail, agro processors are unable to produce and farmers and competition of planting the same crops. Who will eat dashee, green fig, sweet potatoes, oranges etc. What happen to staple products being grown? Why are lucian so lazy, they only wanted to eat from a box or a tin.

  7. Hogwash !

    Get another supermarket chain to compete with Massy.

    I remember when Cable and Wireless held us to ransom. Massy is doing the same thing.

    • @Concerned. Why don’t you open your own? It is always for someone else to take the risk while y’all sit behind a keyboard and figure you have all the ideas.

      • @The Crow I guess you like the high prices cause you can’t do anything either nor take a risk cause government will hold us down for trying to stop their tax income. You a lil good SLP supporter aren’t you.

      • Hey bro…you seem emotionally unstable. Do you want a hug. I’m sorry that you are so sensitive to my needs.

        Do you have abandonment issues ? Were you born out of privilege and neglected as a child.

        Your assumptions say a lot about your mental state.

        Either way seek professional help.

        In the meantime I’m advocating for competition in the market.

        All the best to you!

      • @Uhhh. This has absolutely nothing to do with my political affiliation. Like Concerned many others (maybe you included), are of the notion that it is always someone else to resolve problems and not themselves. He says, “get another supermarket chain to compete with Massy”; my question was why can’t he? So, you see, your point is extremely irrelevant.

      • Non the less government will demand more income money from that new supplier even if they were getting more customers, but this Massy chain needs to behave itself or detach.


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