Charges against Lambirds Academy CEO withdrawn

Charges of obtaining property by deception have been withdrawn against the President and CEO of Lambirds Academy, Doctor Iftekhar Shams.

“The matter was settled essentially through a criminal mediation process which is quite a legitimate process,” the Attorney at Law for Shams, Shawn Innocent, explained.

He said the affected parties, the Nepalese students, were reimbursed the monies that they had expended towards tuition and other expenses paid to Lambirds Academy.

“As it stands now, Doctor shams is no longer facing the prospect of these charges hanging over his head any longer,” Innocent said, adding that the matter involving human trafficking is still pending.

Asked whether the Nepalese students here will now return home, the Attorney at Law said it is a matter for the government of Saint Lucia to decide.

Innocent said he was not certain whether the students were involved in the proceedings that have concluded and whether the human trafficking issues relate to them.

Shams and some associates were arrested after several mainly Nepalese students claimed that after each paying huge sums of money which they had borrowed from persons back home to come here to get Hospitality Study degrees, they realized that Lambirds Academy, which boasted a campus in the North of Saint Lucia, had ripped them off



  1. i’m also a victim of lambirds academy …i sold my house for applying here, suddenly its closed…. m still waiting for the refund …when will they refund…???

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