Chase Gardens/Carellie Human Resource Centre broken into

The Chase Gardens/Carellie Human Resource Centre  was broken into by thieves on Friday night.

A number of items were taken.

Some of them were found hidden in bushes nearby but a condenser unit for the air conditioning  is among the items that have not been recovered, the Times has been informed.

It is reported that the thieves entered through the back and cut telephone lines in an apparent attempt to disable the alarm.

break-in-2break-in-3The Chairman of the Building Management Committee,Mr. Elisha Clarke-Malaykhan, has confirmed the report of the break-in.

Thieves in the past few weeks have broken into a number of business establishments in Castries, prompting expressions of concern from the business community.

Just this week a shoe and clothing store and Castries Comprehensive Secondary school were targeted.

In the case of the latter, one of the alleged thieves was caught in the act, tied up by school staff and handed over to the police.

The bandit was spared a beating when a school official intervened.