Chastanet Accuses SLP Government Of Election Bluff

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has accused the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), which swept to power after the July 26, 2021 polls, of ‘election bluff.’

The former Prime Minister  and current leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) observed that one of the promises made on page 24 of the SLP’s 2021 Manifesto was ‘The Removal of Residential Property Tax.’

“At last Tuesday’s sitting of Parliament, instead of removing Residential Property Tax as they had promised, the SLP Government simply extended the Property Tax break for an additional year. In case you have forgotten, this was an initiative which started back in 2017 under the UWP and has been in place for the last four years,” Chastanet wrote on his Facebook page.

According to the UWP leader, ‘this election bluff’ can now be added to the SLP’s other failed promises.

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He listed them as:

1) The $1500 promised to every Saint Lucian
2) The promised bonus to all frontliners
3) Their bluff to remove the $1.50 fuel tax for fishermen
4) The refunding of Tax Returns owed to citizens by the Government in their first 100 days and
5) The removal of Personal Income Tax for persons earning less than $4000

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  1. The promise cannot be kept with the original timeline because you left the coffers emptier than anticipated, if not dead broke. The 7.3 US million could have gotten some balls rolling.

  2. Chas mad de man extend his initiative EVEN if it benefits the Saint Lucian people. De man mad ee– lmao–lmao lmao ! Hisss….mate is a real trumpee!

  3. This guy Allen think an administration can change things in a six months period. Any PM that make or take actions to change any governmental procedures in six months does not require to be in office. The west minister style of government requires administration to pilot all legislative agenda via the parliament. The PM in our system of government does not have the American type of executive power. I have always said and continue to say Allen does not and continue to show he has any understanding of our constitution.

  4. Why do you people not want SLP to be held accountable for their promises. It was the SLP which made those promises to be deliver these within their first 100 days, so you all better ask them to deliver and stop talking nonsense about legislating ganja. Is that a priority for St Lucia at any time? Ridiculous St Lucians. Chas was a better Prime Minister than Pierre will ever be and the UWP has always taken St Lucia forward not backward as Labour always does. these are the facts. So sit back and watch your country go down the drain.

  5. Wha i world libé To sa y is that politicians nerfs to ne honest. If y ou promise to do something for thé people, try to fullfill or at least. Five years copine fast.

  6. Yawwwwn yawwwwn scratch scratch Oh well………yeah the moment you sit behind the desk without proper assessments you do everything the same day…….I of all people don’t believe that everything that was stated on the campaign trail will be fulfilled…things change and assessments will have to be made….. But the core of the party manifesto of putting The Saint Lucian People first is on Target. We need to have a snap election…..he and that deadbeat Hair Club for Men Bradly needs to go…and they will.

  7. Chastanet, lord of the lies, accusation is premature. The SLP-led government has been in existence for a mere six months yet they are already being vilified for breach of campaign promises. How awful you are Chastanet.

    The people of St. Lucia will make sure that the government imposes a luxury property tax on you and your henchmen, owners of mac mansions. The average person will be exempted from this tax but you and your wealthy acolytes will have to pay your fair share.

  8. Welcome to the game of politricks Chas.. this one comes just like you promise you would legislate on GANJA and you didn’t.i’m too wise now to know politicians prey on their supporters by telling them exactly what they want to hear..BTW how does it feel being in opposition?…no fears….Pierre and dem time shall past tòo.

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