Chastanet Accuses SLP Of Surrendering In The Face Of Crisis

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has accused the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government of surrendering in the face of the crisis amid the Russia-Ukraine war, supply chain issues, and inflation.

Chastanet recalled that Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre had declared that Saint Lucia was facing its worst crisis ever, describing it as worse than COVID-19.

“Now, if in fact it was worse than COVID where is the commensurate actions by this government to show that they are dealing with this crisis to that extent? Where is the Command Centre that meets on a daily basis? Where are all the policy initiatives to be able to cushion the blow to many of the Saint Lucians who are suffering – in fact, the poorest of the poor? Nothing,” the former Prime Minister asserted.

“The reality is the government has thrown its hands in the air and said there’s nothing that they can do in this horrible crisis,” the Micoud South MP lamented in a video on his Facebook page.

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But  the United Workers Party (UWP) leader said other countries are overcoming the hurdles, helping to reduce the burden on the poorest of the poor, reducing VAT on electricity and food items, and lowering duties on food.

He also mentioned subsidies for electricity consumption and bus fares, support for bus drivers, feeding programmes and continuing the school feeding programme throughout the summer.

“These are great examples of things that can be done and should be done,” Chastanet observed.

He said the government uses Caribbean Community (CARICOM) treaties as an excuse for not reducing the duties, yet other countries have.

“I myself if I was Prime Minister I would take on that fight. There’s no way I would be part of a treaty that would facilitate the burden to the people of this country,” Chastanet explained.

He said he was shocked that a government elected on a platform of putting people first would not have the same attitude.

“There is no sense of urgency,” the former Prime Minister noted.

Chastanet asserted that the SLP was merely interested in getting into government.

However, he said the party does not know what to do now that it is in power other than protecting government revenues to continue funding ‘pet projects’.

On the other hand, Chastanet declared that his former administrated was tested during ‘the real crisis’ that was COVID and always put people first.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. In St. Lucia, wisdom always seems to reside in the camp of the opposition. When they get into power stupidity takes over. Smh

  2. The P.m. wants everyone to come together to offer solutions, but if he reads Chas suggestions and the sensible ones in this forum, he will find the answers. Also scan and place CSEC books online for students. This will save parents hundreds of dollars at this time. The students have laptops, have the Ministry send them to their school email. Simple. Do the sensible thing and listen to voices of wisdom. It can sometimes come from the most unlikely places.

  3. Speak the people who are in the government before you listen to he saying she say.
    I cannot believe I am saying this but Chas has a point, a lot of his solutions can actually work but our pm doesn’t care.

    I was informed he is holding the money so he can build new hospitals, new schools and airports, majority would be done in under a year with an increase of salary to health care workers and others.

    BUT ITS NOT TRUE, there is no works in development for anything, his solution for inflation is “eat bananas” his solution for crime is “work together” (what does that mean!? We go out in the roads looking for people who can kill us?) his new solution for inflation is “work together”.
    THIS GUY IS AN IDIOT! I cannot watch one of his new speeches without him pointing fingers and literally changing his tone to mock people.
    He has no solutions and constantly bashes people, displays weak leadership, blame his own PEOPLE for suffering and telling them WORK TOGETHER?!??.
    Instead of reducing import tax he wants to increase salaries which is so stupid because it will bring out MORE inflation. He even said inflation only affects the poor people, what???
    Majority of chas solutions can actually happen but our pm is an idiot, how can you bash a man for trying to do something about the economy while you do NOTHING

  4. chas comment here is inappropriate SLP is buckling under no shit. PJP should step down that’s all. When your trade currency is bound to the USD how can you collapse? the only way is a pack of lazy ass people who enjoy a fat paycheck from tax payers and using the people as fools who voted for them.. SIMPLE!

  5. @FRANCIS….that’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard but then again there are a lot more people like you who have there heard so far up there backsides that they are blind….they just can’t see the light. Smh

  6. @FRANCIS….that’s the most assigning thing I have ever heard but then again there are a lot more people like you who have there heard so far up there backsides that they are blind….they just can’t see the light. Smh

  7. @F….that’s the most assigning thing I have ever heard but then again there are a lot more people like you who have there heard so far up there backside that they are blind….they just can’t see the light. Smh

  8. Upw is the problem in st lucia, they pay the criminals to do most of the crimes that’s going on in st lucia to make slp looks bad,and that’s a sad situation…uwp will never get back into office….

    • You’ll SLPs are pathetic! You’ll are ready to let your own country sink just because Chas ban alcohol sales during a crisis. Dam IDIOTS!

    • If that were true the slp would have jumped on dat narrative. The truth is they are all criminals, politicians, those who support them cause we vote for that crap every time for 43 years. When will we learn.

    • Francis you seem to be the one with the cheque book paying on their behalf. One of the things SLP and their Media colleagues are famous for is letting St Lucians know that the highest homicide rate apart from last year occurred during the UWP reign. Wait do you know which Minister from Central has put more guns in criminal hands than any other? If you don’t know ask Claudius. Do you know which Minister owns the 3 million drugs busted in Dennery? If you don’t know ask Desir. Time will tell.

  9. So amazed so many people still continue to be fooled by this SLP government. Here are a few of SLP’s top accomplishments since coming into office:
    – increase the cost of food and other basic necessities
    – reduce the supply of food resulting in shortages
    – increase the price of passports more than 2x the original cost
    – increase the cost of public transportation
    – increase the county’s debt
    CONGRATS SLP on being such a terrible government! Can’t believe some people have the audacity and impertinence to support them

  10. Chas is correct. Nothing is being done to cushion the blow. Where is the Prime Minister; is he asleep or preparing for Carnival rivalry. This country is in a mess and its going down to rock bottom. I dont see this government going through five years, we fed up, Pierre and all his carnival ministers must go. Enough is enough.

  11. Some guys just don’t know when to quit. This Looser is so out of touch with the real world he is still hungry for power. This guy talk so much SHIT I believe he is on Crack Cocaine. HONESTLY Christopher Columbus.

  12. I dare Chastanet to mention one country in the region that has reduced VAT and lowering duties on food.
    It is so easy for politicians to just throw words around. Be credible and quote facts, educate us.

  13. If this country is going down, let it be run by an independent outside agency. From Britain? But no to UWP again. We are never going back down that road.

  14. So it can be said that the only way, is the only way, depending on how the breeze is blowing politically, correct? St. Lucias’ worse enemy is its political divide, one which is ranked racist, one of class, one of educational status and so on. Our Spiritual enemy have for centuries played the religious card, has been and is still winning: one God one love one name, Jesus.

      • SLP not any better. We caught between zordi and koshonee. Volare and tiff. Borbolice and schemer. As a country we f**ked.


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