Chastanet Appeals To Saint Lucians To Put Differences Aside

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has appealed to Saint Lucians to put their differences aside as this country battles the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am appealing to everyone to please put our differences aside. Let us work together and support one another,” he urged Friday in a post on his official Facebook page.

“I want to remind every Saint Lucian that sadly, this is a battle that we will be fighting alone. Everyone else is fighting their own battle. Everyone else has closed down their borders. Everyone is dealing with their own problems,” Chastanet declared.

He asserted that the only persons we can look to solving this problem is ourselves.

“We are not going to make it through this if we keep fighting each other,” the PM stated.

“Let us be disciplined, practice self isolation especially when we go out in public. It is for our own safety and that of our families,” Chastanet advised.

Saint Lucia is currently under a 24-hour curfew imposed under a state of emergency designed to halt the spread of COVID-19.


  1. Well said Minister. Please members of carbinet set the example. Our people are watching, listening and acting based on your actions. Stop fighting each other.

    • Let us start the coming together by asking Guy to apologise for all the direct awards he gave, ask Gale to publicly agree to stop giving her brother and uncle all the direct awards for building a reparing school, tell Teo Arhkim to give us back our millions, tell Sandals to repay its taxes, apologise for calling us barking dogs and jackasses, and for saying 43% of our people only have preschool education. Tell us how much CIP money we have, how much have been used and for what.Do these things and we will be one big family.

  2. We are an unruly people. It’s Friday Night and there will be those who will not adhere to governance they will be up to their usual antics in one and another yards. Forget places like Marchland and Bruceville you can’t talk to those youths they still hanging out. All the police can do is chase people off the streets but they can’t go into people’s yard and ask what are you doing without due diligence so containment efforts will be uphill. They can’t close the airport forever and when they open it there be a flood of folks who want to come home this will result in the second coming of The Corona Virus to our shores in a devastating wave. I have read of the half handful of St Lucians that have passed away over seas from corona. Condolences to the families

    • Mr. Coco(roach) (flow )(cooyon), (1) How are you and the PM different? Answer: he is white and you are black. (2) What you and the PM have in common? Answer: You both are not so bright. But truth be told, PM slightly better than you. Now that’s because of your drunkenness combined with you stupidity.

  3. Talk doesn’t feed hungry people..
    Words doesn’t fill your stomach.
    People only fight if they are hungry and can’t feed their families.
    You’d act the same if you was you.
    People don’t want to fight unnecessary.
    Use your leadership to organise something safe and effective.
    Stop this nonsense and get real with the ordinary people of St Lucia.
    Give practical and safe guidelines.
    Feed your citizens.
    Like you feed yourself.
    It’s that simple.

  4. ”Keep St Lucia Safe’ .. you are a really ignorant jackass and so is ‘Ready.

    Your comments above doesn’t make any sense.

    Disrespectful and cheap talk.

    You want the PM to feed you ‘ Ready’ ?

    You better start clearing a piece of land to plant some dasheen and green bananas

    • Tell the poor get off their behinds and stop begging. Get out of this welfare state mentality.

  5. PM you are doing a great job. You are hurting the hard hearts of those opposite with your love for country. I know there are some opposite who wishes the country well but the hacks and haters will not go away. United we Fight Covid 19. Great Job.

  6. Well said Grateful. I cannot understand Jack asses. St Lucians will never learn. Get your ass on a piece of land and go and work your ass off to feed yourself. If this virus state in poor st Lucia the whole of st Lucia will definitely done. Shame on you Ready. PM is doing all to prevent the country from whipping out with the deadly virus. I work at a hospital aboard and seeing dead bodies every bloody day. Follow instructions you full. Put your TV on to follow news. Stop fighting one another and support one another in this very sad moments.

  7. Well said Grateful. Ready and Keep St Lucians safe, you people are real Jackasses. The PM are encouraging and supporting everyone to keep safe to avoid dead. I work at a hospital aboard and seeing dead bodies every day, I don’t want to keep talking about it because it’s very depressing. I can tell you if this hit st Lucia the whole of st Lucia will be dead. Stop fighting and support one another. Go and bloody get a piece of land to work. Lazy jackasses. Go and watch the bloody news. You need to be in my bloody shoes right now. Bloody red work together and support the current Government. I am depressed every night I come home from work. Jack asses stop fighting.

  8. Well said Grateful. I will like to say to those Jackasses that they need to watch the news. Stop fighting with one another. I work at a hospital aboard and I am seeing dead bodies every. I am so depressed every day. People respect and support the PM. He is trying to save lives. Follow instructions. Ready and Keep st Lucia safe go and bloody educate yourself. Well done PM. Keep up the good work.

  9. People need to listen to the PM right now. We can criticise his slow response to Covid-19 later when have survived it. For just follow instructions and forgot politics

  10. Shut your face ignoramus. What does that have to do with the current situation imbecile.

    Stupid hack. You like DJ Trump. You all over the place with things that do not relate to the situation at hand.

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