Chastanet blasts PM for disrespect

The leader of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), Allen Chastanet, has accused  the PM, Doctor Kenny Anthony, of unacceptable, disrespectful behavior in a plan to go to the Castries market steps to outline budget plans.

“The Prime Minister passed an appropriations bill of over 1.4 billion dollars and has not felt it necessary to account to the people how he is going to spend that money,” Chastanet told a news conference today.

He declared that the substitute of going to the Castries market steps to make a presentation to the citizens of this country on something as serious as a budget and running the country, cannot and  should not be accepted.

“Many of us are not surprised,” the UWP leader said.

He noted that it was the same Prime Minister who up to now, refuses to tell the nation what is happening with Grynberg and refuses to acknowledge his “wanton ways” in Rochamel.

“This is the same Prime Minister who refuses to address the situation with Lambirds,” he told the news conference.

Chastanet asserted that PM Anthony had gone beyond the constitution in the IMPACS matter.

He said more significantly, any attempt by anyone to suggest that the “Five to Stay Alive” proposal  is  the economic plan of the UWP, is incorrect.

“Five to to Stay Alive is one part of our overall economic plan,” the UWP leader explained.

Chastanet said it was a significant part addressing a specific sector of the society – one that has been forgotten and taken advantage of.

“That sector are the pensioners of our country who are living on a fixed income, unemployed people who have no income and more than likely no savings and people who are already  impoverished,” he disclosed.

The UWP leader asserted that the policies of the current labour administration over the past four and a half  years have deprived those persons of the livelihood that they need.

He said that “Five to Stay Alive” specifically addresses that segment of society.