Thursday, September 29, 2022

Chastanet Calls On Government To Cushion Inflation

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With the unprecedented rise in the price of goods and services and the spike in the cost
of petroleum, the Opposition United Workers Party is calling on the Government to
implement measures to cushion the blow on Saint Lucians.

“The higher global commodity prices and increasing cost of food and even utilities is a
major strain on households and with world events unfolding such as the Ukraine crisis
we anticipate the cost of goods continuing to rise and supply chains being further
disrupted. However, there are measures which should be put in place to assist Saint
Lucians at this time,” noted Opposition Leader Hon. Allen Chastanet.

“Since the SLP administration came into office we have seen a slowdown in local
economic activity which is putting a further strain on Saint Lucians. Promises of
income support have already been broken, no tax relief measures. Inflation will affect
all facets of Saint Lucian life and before we get to a point of no return we must
stimulate our local economy and assist the most vulnerable in our society.”

In 2020, the UWP administration launched an economic recovery and resilience plan
with six key pillars, namely stimulating the economy; fast tracking of shovel ready
capital investment projects; strengthening social protection systems; resilience building
of productive sectors; building resilience in the health sector and climate change and
disaster risk mitigation.

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“The sheer scale of the protection measures we put in place and the injection into the
local economy is the reason why Saint Lucia is still afloat throughout this pandemic,” noted Chastanet.

“Now with the looming further crises, we need to know what the Government’s plans are. The Government seems to be operating blindly and life for regular Saint Lucians is getting more difficult. So far we have seen nothing except the halting of projects and programmes.”

The Leader of the Opposition noted the increase in the price of fuel locally and the
domino effect of this.

“In the last 7 months, we have not heard any plans from the Government and this
silence is creating unnecessary anxiety. Until the proper measures are put in place, the
Government should continue to absorb the increase in the price of fuel in order to assist
the population,” noted Chastanet.

“In the interim the Government needs to lay out a sound fiscal policy and strategy for the long and short term.”

Source: Office Of The Leader Of The Opposition

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  1. Laborian you would know if chasneigh not hungry you’re one of those at the foot of hos table feed off his scraps

  2. Some of you all lucians has so much hatred no wonder pjp don’t care with you all..chas is not hungry make peace with yourself..the world has enough problems

  3. Slp should raise inflation even more as you say that. We will support SLP to the end, we do not need uwp support. If things get harder we will simply buy things more expensive. You coming and tell us how inflation hard when it’s not. We do not need uwp to tell us how to live our life!!

    Raise inflation! We do not need y’alL YELLOW PARTY SUPPORT!!!

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