Chastanet Calls Out Government Over St. Jude Hospital Reconstruction

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has accused the government of continuing to peddle a ‘deliberate lie’ regarding the reconstruction of St. Jude Hospital.

In a post on Facebook, the former Prime Minister asserted that saying that the building was 30 percent complete constituted a ‘blatant lie’.

“When we left office in July of 2021, the hospital which we had started to construct was over 70% complete, only 6 months away from full completion,” the Micoud South MP asserted.

He said the external work on the structure had already been completed including the complete installation of the cladding, windows, and doors.

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In addition, the United Workers Party (UWP) leader noted that work was ongoing on the sewage, electricals, and partitions inside the building.

“We had already begun placing orders for the medical equipment,” Chastanet disclosed.

And he pointed to what he described as another important fact that the SLP continues to ‘conveniently omit’.

“The main contractor for the St. Jude Hospital was Taiwanese construction firm Overseas Engineering and Construction Company (OECC),” Chastanet stated.

“We relied heavily on the expertise and experience of OECC to ensure that this project would live up to the world-class standards and expectations that we had set for this project,” he explained.

But Chastanet asserted that one year later, all Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre can announce about the St. Jude Project is that they will proceed with the fencing of the old building

” If this project wasn’t so serious I would think that this was a joke,” the former Prime Minister declared.

According to Chastanet, the St. Jude Hospital project is a sensitive matter with which the Government must stop playing politics.

“The problems associated with the structure proposed by the Prime Minister have been well documented: low ceilings, poor ventilation, and lighting, electrical wires mixed with the plumbing system. Another disaster waiting to happen,” the opposition leader declared.

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  1. Let’s be rational here. St Jude was destroyed by fire in September 2009. The UWP were in power. In 2010 plans were announced by the UWP to rebuild. In 2011 the UWP lost elections and SLP came in. SLP had five years to finish St Jude, up to 2016. They did not. This is the problem, the failure to build a hospital in five years. Not only did SLP fail, what they were building was a joke and we know it. In 2016, UWP came in and found what was being built to be inadequate with many structural problems,. A decision was taken to build a state of the art facility. That project was moving along when Covid came and interrupted the process. If there was no Covid, the brand new St Jude would now be functioning. My only problem with the UWP is that they should have pushed a little more to get it done. The SLP claim that the new St Jude is only 30 percent complete is a lie and anyone with eyes can see it is a lie. So Labour was back in office in 2021 and to date, 14 months later they have done nothing on the new hospital but spout foolishness. This is a grave act of irresponsibility. Labour will not continue what Chastanet started because they do not want him to get the praise for it. This is what this is all about. The difference here is that UWP is forward looking and progressive, always looking to take St Lucia to the next level. SLP is visionless, backward and stuck in the past.
    Wait and see how long Pierre’s newly announced plans for St Jude take to materialize. If SLP had completed St Jude in the five years they were in power (2011 to 2016), we wouldnt have the problem we now have. And that’s the bottom line. If as a government you cannot complete a project like that in five years, you do not deserve to be in power.

  2. Mr. Chastanet, can you disclose to the nation how many St. Lucian passport that was sold during your term in office? Please sir we need to know, where is the transparency from you and your regime .

  3. SLP misleading the ignorant one’s followed by their old hacks…no job’s for the youths and PJP talking about don’t be a victim well now everyone will be a suspect because his $5 bucks can’t block no hole…chass your works speaks for itself only the bias and low IQ one’s won’t agree…all these old slp hacks talking shit are financially stable we the youths need to rise up the $200 per vote finished the following day while their old hacks have big positions earning thousands on a monthly basis…where were they when we was jumping around fighting each other my youths next election chass all the way.


  5. Unless St. Lucians stop fighting the last elections, stop fighting each other as Slp and UWP, put aside all grudges and think themselves as – St. Lucians – who want the best for their Island, this silliness will go on indefinitely. The blame for this falls on two men in cabinet, the Queen & the Baron, goes to show that PjP has very little control of the Government; see who he sent to the queens’ funeral. I also blame Kenny and Moses since its their constituency, they too are playing politics with the health of the people in the South.(I trust the Lord our God to repay in due time, some will and some wont like it, Amen)

  6. 70% complete? Oye oye oye iymc ….even while out of office you lying. How the hell a shell of complex facility is 70% complete….I vex Starr…..i vex at how an idiot mate is….is like mate never build a house before. That needs another 2 years to finish. I tired..I vex..I sick of hearing lies from both you and even pjp. Where is guy Joseph in his teefing self? He needs to be jailed.

  7. So what will become of the new buildings that was built under the UWP? Another waste of millions going down the drain again. What is wrong with these politicians. Instead of SLP finally completing this they are going in a different direction. Then they are saying experts said it is better to tackle the old St Judes. Both sides have experts but after 13 years we cannot get a hospital. They will make us believe that experts say this and that but I believe that they will try to make their idea work or find a way to make their ideas work. Don’t tell me after 13 years experts on both sides cannot get it right. This is madness now. Going back to old St Judes and pumping in millions into another project and St Lucians ain’t see nothing wrong with this. These government coming in and do as they please and using us to fight their rivals. This is why SLP wanted to win the election at all costs–to fight UWP down. They use us to get our votes for personal vendettas.

    • …read and under the PM stated they will commence work ON THE NEW BUILDING in the coming New Year, they staring with the OLD then go and correct UWP LAPONESS After. So I don’t know why the Clowns Barking ……the man say he will commence on the work they left behind, he never said HE WOULD USE THEIR DUTTY STYLE OF GOVERNMENT AND NOT FINISH PROJECTS THAT WAS STARTED.

  8. Politicians from all ends has been playing with the island health care system for many decades now. Rant and say all you want the facts are right before your eyes.

  9. Norman eat your heart out is fdl in the house …….the same fdl that guy and cheryl was giving all contracts getting all under pip…….hacks bashing fdl and cheryl and both of them getting it good……look what labor do yall.

  10. a a chastanet Facebook have become your house of parliament . everything for you is Facebook put your face in the house and say what you have to say. aa just so with you


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