Chastanet Calls Out SLP Over St Jude Hospital Reconstruction

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In their usual attempts to distract and mislead the public, the SLP continues to deliberately lie about the St Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project.
Based on the findings from the technical and financial audit which were carried out, these are the facts which drove our decision to construct an entirely new facility which would meet world class standards.
•Zoning issue: several buildings are located in areas on site, where their functionality appears not to have been considered. Examples: Morgue, Volunteer Facilities, Ambulance & Monitoring Building
•Cases in the West Wing where the sizing of corridors is significantly below the recommended minimum size. This affects egress, the ability to reasonably transport equipment and furniture, and a general feeling of discomfort by persons using that space
•Many of the newer buildings and structures are not adequately zoned in areas that would accommodate future expansion as the needs and capacity of the hospital increases:•Effect: future works may be very disruptive and costly
•The majority of patient, staff and public areas seemed not to be a consistent approach to fire containment, egress or compartmentalization
•Several areas where the layout of the spaces, creates traps for the occupants instead of a safe place of refuge for rescue by first responders, especially in cases of a fire
•Repeated inconsistencies in the use of fire doors carrying the incorrect duration as well as fire compartment walls that do not carry a tangible fire rating based on its makeup
•In several instances, incorrect internal wall and floor finishes that were used, could easily lead to contamination and reduced effectiveness of infection control strategies. Remember this is a hospital, not an ordinary building.
The following structures were inconsistent in construction in comparison to their proposed drawings
•Dialysis – Ground Floor
•East Wing – Ground Floor
•Medical Gas Pump Room & Storage Building
•West Wing
Over the next few days, I will continue to share many of the other flaws and findings associated with the old St Jude Hospital.
Source: United Workers Party
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Editorial Staff
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  1. I wish both the UWP and SLP would be honest with we the people and stop this blame game. Kenny paid how many millions for a report to condemn Guy Joseph but did not release the report to the public to date. Chastnet does the same on St Judes.
    Who can we trust or who should believe? The same game just different players every five years. Lawd have mercy on Helen!

  2. Chastass you were building a 160 million pollyclinic .Not a general hospital. Give it up and go back to Martinik where you were born..

  3. I find it amusing reading the comments of
    ‘The deplorable Lucian lowgrade ’ …. Your racist behavior to Lucians of other ethnicity and color is one the underlying problem facing this country as your sentiments are shared by so many Lucian’s …this attitude is also extended to foreigners and tourists . Your IQ62 does not allow you nor others to understand that these ‘foreigners ‘make a very valuable contribution to this country , its welfare and its economy …. Perhaps an Exodus by the foreigners would be best ….. so you can teach creole to in the children , have them eat more green fig , keeping the ignorant like you and have so called leaders like Frederick to lead you you all ….

  4. I’ve read the comments here and can only agree with Hard Facts cause most others are only being political hacks. I take one issue with the SLP on the person that was hired to carry out the audit cause Hennicart only see ways that would save cost for the SLP in government and fill his pockets as a result. Case in point La Fargue Secondary where he proposed to the Kenny administration to knock out the top of the two prefab buildings and build two floors on them. Had that ever happened we would have had a major disaster.
    Any sensible person would realize, putting party colours aside that we should continue with the modern hospital building that was started under the previous administration. Deal with Chastenet and Guy for any improprieties to the full extent of the law but common sense should tell every St Lucian that the five or six buildings scattered here and there with poor access from one to the next will not serve us for more than a few years.
    Pierre please do the job that you were given such a handsome mandate to do. Put aside the petty politics and stop allowing Richard and Helaire’s vendetta to cloud your better judgement. Vieux Fort South needs a modern hospital to keep up with ever growing industries especially tourism considering the International airport is a stone throw away.

  5. Wow….Now you want to reveal small snippets of the million audit? Unless you reveal the whole unedited document, you are just of those barking dogs you ignored when you were Prime Minister

  6. The audit report that the average St Lucian has been asking about for over 5 years now , I was hoping that Chas would have made it public by now. Why not show up the SLP.
    I dare Chas and the UWP hacks.

    Let the JACKASS continue to hide behind Facebook.

    • Am sure you would be ok with someone calling your parents a jack ass for voicing their opinion. Just classless

      • They are what they are if their opinions are baseless and clearly being used to manipulate the minds of poor people to gain confidence in them. A jackass would secretly withhold evidence from a so called audit to justify spending a secret amount of millions on a box with a secret schedule/ end date with a secret design. This is what jackasses do…possibly a thief too.

  7. The things is The SLP doesn’t want to accept their wrongs on The Phase1 St.Judes Project and admit it was a failure and simply complete what Chas was doing on Phase2. When the brought the media to The Sight I remember the media question The Project Manager at the time and he said that Phase2 was Structurally Sound, Hurricane, Earthquake, Fire and all other Proofing because Phase2 was being built with The International Guidelines as to how a hospital is supposed to be built. He also said that it wouldn’t take 6 months but more like 18-24 months to complete. Now correct me if I’m wrong was all this information ever given about Phase1 St.Judes Hospital? If not then why the hell is The SLP Government going to forget about Phase2 and continue on The DOOMED GARBAGE THAT’S PHASE1? Is it to save face and say that they completed their nonsense instead of what Chas started? If so then that’s putting Party and Politics before a Nation and it’s People. I think PIP and his party should stop with the Campaigning and the Victory Gloating and get down to the business of The People and The Governance of The Country. I have a strange feeling that completion of Phase1 will come back to bite them hard in their BUTTS because there’s alot of removal of concrete to get these buildings to function as a Hospital. And in the end it should be we The people to decide what should be done instead of Political Hacks who only does what The Party says and try their best to make The Party look good.

  8. P.S. correction: The Medical Center was named ‘St. Jude Hospital’
    while I’m about it, let me say – its time to scrap, in fact DEMOLISH that so called Stadium Building, on that spot, build a three story Nurses Residential cum College for training Medical assistance etc. etc. By the way, ‘nothing political about that’ I’m thousands of miles away. May St. Lucia be Blessed with all of Heavens’ Blessings.

  9. Now boys its Sunday, and after praying to the MOST HIGH I came, I read what has been said; I being a St. Lucian only wish the best for St. Lucia.
    In V/Fort the South, it is required and most necessary that there be a proper and modern Hospital. The building which was built by the Americans, to be used as a temporary medical Station, for such as accidents, not for major medical surgery, for major attention men would be flown to Puerto Rico; When the Yanks left they gladly left everything on the ground for the British Colony; so we used it; thanks very much; some of us local boys were flown to St. Helena for a year to work on the Misile Tracking Station.
    The local Government at the time name the Med: Centre ‘St. Lucia Jude’ and so it has been, this is St. Lucia today – where its not the sick, not the lame, the accident, the Maternity needs, – its damn politics, its the power of a whole political Party against one man – why should I care? I’m a Lucian sacre bleu, always will be, though thousands of miles away.
    We need a Modern Hospital with modern amenities, latest medical and surgical properties available; The people of the South needs that.

  10. The party hacks like @Crow and @Nooks supported by @ V For Vendetta can scream and curse and they please. @Hot Skull and @tyris can call people liar as much as they want. The truth is both parties are equally responsible for the poor state of health care in this country and in particular the situation with St. Jude’s. Flambeau put their team to do audit, then Labour put they team to do audit. All the time no progress. Both parties are playing political games with people’s health.
    Fire was in 2009.
    2009 to 2011 UWP – no hospital
    2011 to 2016 SLP – no hospital
    2016 to 2021 UWP – no hospital
    2021 to 2022 SLP no hospital and none in sight.
    So 2009 to 2022 ( about 7 years UWP and 6 years SLP) no hospital and none in sight. All we get is blame, blame, blame. This one saying it was this percent completed with us and the other saying it was this percent completed with us. When you add the percentages we should have about two and a half St. Jude’s hospitals.
    SMDH at these politicians and their hacks. St. Lucia will always come before party for me. I am sick of both parties.

    • Well hopefully you did note vote any of those counts in. because I refused to waste my vote on Heel -Air Batty Rider for range rover , Joseph millions missing, visa exempt RF , stephanie another queen and all the others.

  11. We need to purge the SLP liars. HOTEL COTTAGES CANNOT BE HOSPITALS. you all too damn stupid and backward in that island. its like st lucia was the first ever country to build a hospital and they had no models to choose from. so they hired people who do not know anything and they just gave them a couple of little houses scattered across the place and called it a hospital! zot paka haute!!

  12. Chastenet “Pay chew la”! The audit was done but you refuse to release it and now you coming and give us snippets as you see fit. We are not dogs man! Take your missive and shove it up your @ss!

  13. SLP does better in opposition… a set of pathological liars that was quick to point fingers at chas now he’s pointing back y’all calling for the country to unite LAVA. this country needs a purge.

    • I agree with @ Crow. Chas please take your secret audit and shove it down Guys hole! You all are damn dogs for taking public funds to give to your friends to write you both a bunch of crap! You all should be released that report for all to see Instead of the nibblets that suit your agenda. Even by this article and your bullet list i see lies! Those are no reasons to justify scrapping an ongoing project to build a box for us.

  14. Yawwwn ! You yellow pig the fact of the matter during you reign of terror you did not finish the job. You spent millions……we all saw the horrible pictures right after your butt kicking July 26 on the Honorable KDA Facebook page. The Teefing Coolie spent one million alone just on “assessments”. So what are you talking about ???

  15. Happy to be one the first to glance at this article–I only read the first sentence because mate referencing findings of a flawed, biased, unprofessional and politically motivated audit FACTS! wtf dude. As far as the public and engineering/ architectural/ Surveying/ planning professions know, there is NO audit! The 1+ million dollar exercise done by a hand-picked UWP set of thieves has no legitimate findings…If I am wrong, why don’t you Chas and Guy make that alleged audit report public!!! Guy promised to reveal the findings at ” the right time”. Yol keep hiding things from the public, another reason for your embarrassing demise at the polls. Try to be honest for once please- just one time—just on St. Judes…..Pleaaaaaaaassse!


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